Effective Tips For Green Travel

Sep 28, 2020
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Many travelers who love to go to new places and experience new things avoid eco-friendly travel. The main reason this happens is that most people believe this type of travel is more expensive. What they don’t know is that just making a few changes regarding the way they travel will make a big difference to the environment and their wallet.

Going green at home is pretty straightforward. Don’t use plastic water bottles, recycle, and install a solar panel system. Believe it or not, going green while traveling is just as easy. Keep reading for a few tips to enjoy green travel.

Eco-Proof the Home Before Leaving

If no one will be at home while you are traveling while leaving all your appliances and systems running like there is? Adjust your water heater to the lowest setting, turn off appliances that will not be needed, and unplug electronics to help reduce costs and save energy. Remember, things like computers, lamps, toasters, and TVs all keep using power, even if they are not used.

Use Green Methods of Transportation to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Trains are a great travel option because they are efficient when it comes to the amount of energy used per passenger. However, they do take more time. Keep in mind, though, all modern transportation methods – planes, trains, and cars emit carbon. While you can reduce it, you can’t avoid it altogether.

If you fly, choose to go nonstop, instead of choosing connecting flights because most fuel use occurs during landing and taking off. A nonstop flight is more expensive than connecting flights, but most people agree it is worth it.

While these don’t provide a perfect solution, carbon offsets offer a fast and effective way to reduce traveling's overall impact. Some European airports and the San Francisco International Airport have made it easy to do this by selling offsets at kiosks. They are also sold when booking a flight.

Use Public Transportation, Bike, or Walk

When you arrive at your destination, opt for public transportation. This is an affordable and easy way to see any location like a local. Shuttles and buses, especially when they are fueled alternatively, or electric vehicles, are all green options. Most bigger cities also offer bicycles available for rent. However, there is nothing that is going to beat walking. You can save money, do something good for your health, and do something good for the environment.

In some situations, it is unrealistic and almost impossible to get from place to place without a car. If this is the case, consider renting a hybrid vehicle or another fuel-efficient vehicle.

Go Digital 

Going green does not have to be a huge hassle. Several airlines now let travelers flash their boarding pass on their smart devices. This helps to save time and paper.

Pack Lighter

The lighter that you pack, the fewer resources that you will burn, taking your goods from place to place. Even better, you can avoid the often-high baggage fees. Pack light and don’t pack as many bags on vacation. When you do this, it means the plane, train, or vehicle is much lighter and more efficient. It is also a good idea to pack a reusable water bottle and reusable shopping bags in your suitcase.

Stay At a Green Hotel

With so many hotels claiming to be green, you must know exactly what is considered “green” today. Look for third-party certifications along with other signs that the building or location is green.

Eco-Friendly Travel is Possible

When it comes to eco-friendly travel, there are many factors to consider and ways to reduce your environmental impact. Keep the information here in mind to feel confident that you reduce your impact on the environment while you see the world. In the long run, just doing your part will pay off and help ensure you have a great time without having a huge impact on the planet.