Distinctive Tasty Pastas In The World

Sep 16, 2019
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One of the staple foods in Italy that are incredibly loved by many people all over the world is pasta. Pasta is basically made from a mixture of flour, water, and eggs and then dried. It then boiled and served with varied kinds of sauce. In the country it was originated, Italy, various types of pasta were created with a different shape. Some types of pasta that exist in the world today are very popular in Indonesia especially in the restaurant in Bali. Precisely in Jimbaran, you can find several best places to eat various types of pasta.

In recent times, pasta is sold in an instant form, and it’s easy to cook. Not only the pasta, but there are also instant sauces that make you easier to bringing pasta dishes to your kitchen. The instant pasta is made by a machine in a factory. The pasta dough pushes out an extrusion machine through the filter holes. The other way of producing instant pasta is by grinding the paste mixture into sheets which are then cut or printed.

There is also fresh pasta that is made by hands in many restaurants and formed a few moments before the pasta is boiled. The fresh pasta usually needs a shorter cooking time compared to the instant pasta. It is due to the durability of the fresh pasta as it has a high moisture content. Along with the passage of times, there are various pasta dishes that are served in restaurants all over the world with different types of pasta. What types of pasta that you have eaten? It’s possibly the one that resembles noodles with the red sauce, put simply, Bolognese sauce.

It is the most common pasta dishes that are known by people and the first to pop out in mind when talking about pasta. Yet, there are other types of pasta dishes rather than merely spaghetti and meatballs. For example, have you ever heard about farfalle or perhaps macaroni? Some of you probably know what they are. Farfalle is usually suitable for summer along with salads dishes. Meanwhile, the macaroni will be very comforting at the cold weather. In order to make pasta dishes that suits certain sauces, some ingredients, and certain cooking methods, we have to find the right shape. It is because each type of pasta carries its unique characteristics. Here are some types of pasta that exists today.


1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is an Italian noodle shaped like a stick that is the most common and most well-known pasta by people around the world. The shape is long like a slim tube but its diameter is quite thick. This type of pasta is an American favorite pasta and usually processed with Bolognese sauce. The spaghetti is mixed with minced meat sauce and then topped with grated cheese. Spaghetti is very suitable to be served with any sauce including Bolognese sauce or with the other white sauce.

Although spaghetti has been known to be brought by Marco Polo from China, the fact is, spaghetti has been eaten by the Romans since ancient times. So, spaghetti has been discovered for a very long time. Al dente spaghetti is generally cooked not more than 12 minutes in boiling water so it is not sticky in the teeth, not too ripe or too raw. We all know that the spaghetti-style Bolognese with a minced meat sauce and then sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese is the most popular. Yet, there are various sauces that suited spaghetti and very tasty.

Besides known as the most commonly eaten pasta in the world, spaghetti is also one of the oldest types of pasta that have been known. The Italians have discovered spaghetti since the days of human farming, about more than decades ago. After spaghetti was discovered, there are then emerged new types of pasta such as fusilli, penne, tagliatelle and so on.

2. Fettuccine

Fettucine is an Italian word that means a small ribbon, and its shape is exactly like a small ribbon. Fettuccine has a width of about 6.5 mm and became a popular Roman cuisine. The most suitable sauce for fettuccine pasta is the carbonara sauce and it has been known by many. Yet, it is also suitable to be served with tomato sauce or any types of sauce that contains meat such as meat sauce.

However, the most favorable and well-known sauce of fettuccine pasta is the Alfredo sauce. No wonder if you will often hear the Fettuccine Alfredo name in many restaurants. The other thick sauces are also good for fettuccine pasta such as the classic Bolognese sauce or creamy tomato with browned sausage. And there are much more sauces that are very recommended for fettuccine pasta, just try anything that you like if you want to make it at home.

3. Fusilli

Fusilli is a spiral-shaped paste usually made from wheat flour and processed with cream sauce and peas. Although Fusilli is clearly the spiral-shaped pasta, it is often mistakenly thought as the thin, twisted, and short pasta named rotini. The colors of fusilli dishes can be varied according to the ingredients that are mixed to the dough. For example, the beetroot can make a red-colored Fusillo, the cuttlefish ink for black, and spinach for green. Those ingredients also will affect the taste of the pasta, so it will have a distinctive taste according to each mixture. There are some ingredients that are good to be served with fusilli such as beef, vegetables, chicken, and so on.

4. Macaroni

Macaroni is that type of pasta that is very popular especially among kids. One portion of macaroni pasta will please everyone with its hearty taste. Macaroni is basically the tube-shaped pasta that is very delicious especially when you eat it along with soup in cold weather. The cream sauces are perfect for macaroni pasta. Any sauces with a melting cheese are also suitable for macaroni. The hollow space inside of macaroni fills with whatever it’s paired with, creating flavorful results. Tomato sauces without many chunks are also suitable for macaroni pasta.

Pasta is very favorable because we can never go wrong with it. It has many flavor combinations and able to please everyone from a wide range of ages. It can be the main dishes at the party or be given to your kids, and there will be no regrets. Semolina flour is known to be the basic ingredients of making pasta. The American-made pasta has a softer texture than the other pasta to serve as dishes such as casseroles. This is because it is often made from a mixture of Farina and Semolina flour that create a softer texture.