Bucket List Bali: Six Sites Not to Be Missed

May 29, 2020
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Bali is an island full of wonder and excitement. A bucket list in its own right, this magical spot is bursting with amazing and unforgettable sites. Before you go, read through this guide to help you choose six sites that are not to be missed.   

The Hidden Beach  

When you picture Bali, you probably have white sand beaches in mind. What better way to bring the image to life than relaxing to the sound of waves crashing at Suluban Beach? This literal hidden gem welcomes sun lovers and surfers alike. To get here, make your way down the concrete steps and along the limestone walls to find this hidden breathtaking beach. If you are looking to swim, be sure to check the tide, as the shore only opens up when it's low. 

A Monkey Forest 

No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to Ubud village and the Ubud Monkey Forest. As you walk through the jungle find the three temples that were built in the middle of the 14th century, don't forget to keep your eyes out for one of the 700 monkeys that reside here. Finish your day with a luxurious spa treatment at the Ubud Hanging Jungle hotel, where you can relax overlooking the forest. If you want to kick your vacation up a notch, book a room for a truly magical experience.    

A Deep Cave 

Have you ever wanted to climb into the depths of a demon’s mouth? The Goa Gajah Cave, or Elephant Cave, offers just that. If this wasn’t enticing enough, it is believed that monks carved the cave out by hand. After arriving, make your way into the cave to see a statue of Ganesh and representatives of the god Shiva. This is still an active religious site, so be sure to stay out of the way of those there for prayer. Once you’ve finished seeing the cave you can make your way down to some of the rice paddies nearby. 

A Terraced Dream  

Wake up early and slip on your leather sneakers to catch the sunrise over the terraced rice fields of Bali. While rice fields are common throughout Asia, the Balinese fields differ from their counterparts due to the geography of the island they inhabit. The steep slopes of the island posed unique challenges to the farmers, and thus the terraced layout was formed. These fields are best enjoyed early in the day from October to March, during the rainy season, when the lush green is perfectly highlighted by the sun's morning rays.  

The Temples 

Bali is known for its exceptional and beautiful temples, most notably the nine key directional temples that protect it from evil. When planning a tour, pack a comfortable pair of shoes as these locations are built on a variety of terrains, such as the Lempuyang Temple or the temple of a thousand steps. Additionally, try to catch a ceremony as they offer exciting experiences, such as the fire Kecak dance traditionally performed at the Uluwatu Temple. Whether you see one or all, these temples are not to be missed.


A Savory Finish 

Street food has found a niche market around the globe. In Bali, street food is a fixture of the night market scene. Before you leave Bali, take the time to visit Gianyar Night Market. Make your way through the market as you try the sate, pisang rai, and bakso. Don’t forget to sample some babi guling, a savory Balinese pork dish that has been making its way from fine dining establishments to the street. Finish the evening with a laklak, a traditional Balinese cake made of coconut milk and rice flour.    


Bali is the perfect vacation location. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, spelunking a cave, or simply enjoying some of the historical temples that surround it, you’ll find your peace on this incredible island. Just don't forget to pack some sunscreen.