Breakfast Menus That Will Help You to Lose Weight

Sep 16, 2019
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Many people want to lose weight but losing weight can be difficult for some people. Adjusting our eating routines to a new diet regime will be a hard thing to do, and it understandable. Eating is almost everyone’s favorite thing to do, moreover, when we eat delicious foods in the best restaurant, especially in our restaurant in Jimbaran Bali. A lot of people often do a diet method halfway and then stop doing it because they feel like they can’t make it. The process of losing weight is going to be a long and often painful journey. The habit changes that are needed to make diet progress is often really difficult to do.

Breakfast is a morning activity that is very important and cannot be missed. A proper breakfast will give your body the energy to go through the day. The average people in Indonesia is used to eating heavy foods such as fried rice and another rice-based menu for breakfast. They also most of the time did not pay attention to the nutritional content of these foods, whether they are necessarily needed or not. For people who are currently on a diet, breakfast can determine whether their diet regime will be successful or unfortunately, failed. Therefore, what you eat for breakfast is very crucial. You need to maintain a balanced breakfast in order to avoid overweight. Although protein is one of the essential substances for the body, many people eat a meal with high carbohydrates and sugar in the morning. And that can be a disaster for them.

Studies have proven that eating breakfast will boost your metabolism. Breakfast also makes sure that you won’t be extremely starving hours later and makes you choose a bad eating choice for lunch or dinner. To enhance the fat-burning in your body, it is suggested to eat breakfast soon after you wake up. Yet, our mornings are often really chaotic, and we need to rush to work or our other activities. Therefore, we neglected our breakfast routines to stay in line. Breakfast that should be a priority, gone just like that.

People also often skip breakfast because they are trying to lose weight but the fact is, instead of skipping breakfast, we better choose the right meals for breakfast. By eating the right breakfast meals, you will be closer to your diet goals. These breakfast choices are recommended for those of you who want to lose weight. 


Most of the breakfast cereals contain a high number of calories and sugar. As a result, you will be unsatisfied by your breakfast. Yet, the story will be different with oatmeal. Having breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal can make your stomach full longer. It makes you don’t want to eat snacks or more foods later. The study also found that eating oatmeal 3 hours before exercise will decrease more fat in the body as it helps to burn more calories. You can add fresh pieces of fruit like strawberry or apple to make it even tastier and help to supply energy needs in the morning.


Eating egg is very good for those of you who are on a diet because it is high in protein. Rather than foods that contain carbohydrates and fats, eating foods that are rich in protein will fill more your stomach. It is because they contain amino acids. Besides, eggs are a famous breakfast meal because they are very versatile. They are not only nutritious but the process of making them into a meal is very sundry. You can scramble them, fry them in oil, or boil them, and it’s all your choice. One egg contains healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Yogurt is one of those foods that have an important role in controlling body weight. Yet, you have to choose plain yogurt because it is sugar-free and low in calories. Yogurt, especially the Greek yogurt usually contains more protein and lower in saturated fat than the regular yogurt. This is why yogurt is an extremely good choice for your breakfast choice. To make it more delicious, you can add some fruits, mix it into a smoothie, or eat it directly as a dip with fresh fruits.