Best Indonesia Vacation Destinations in 2019

Sep 23, 2019
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Voted by Lonely Planet as one of the top destinations to visit, Indonesia is blessed with abundance of diverse wonders. Every year thousands of tourists visit this stunning archipelago, which is a real tropical paradise. Surrounded by the bluest seas, it has white beaches, lush forests, rich history and so much more worth visiting. In Indonesia yoga retreats are also very famous, drawing yogis and enthusiasts from everywhere in the world. Offering a wide array of things to see and do, this is a perfect country for your next trip. Here are some of the top Indonesia vacation destinations that you must visit:


The capital and the largest city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a stunning city, offering a unique blend of historical architecture and modern urban cityscape. You can appreciate the beautiful history, culture and art of this country at the museums of this city. Visit the National Monument, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Merdeka Square, and Jakarta Cathedral. With its flea markets and shopping streets, it is also an amazing destination for shopping. Jakarta is also the party capital of the country with a vibrant and happening nightlife, clubs, pubs, bars and discos.


Offering some of the most amazing views like something straight out of a picturesque movie, Yogyakarta boasts of some of the most beautiful ancient temples of Asia. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and you will be mesmerized with the sheer grandeur and history. The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta, Taman Sari, SumurGumuling, Tugu Yogyakarta are absolutely stunning. At the Royal Palace of Kraton you can witness some of the finest and majestic displays of dance and art during designated times of the week. This is also the Indonesian heaven for street food. Head over to JalanMalioboro to pick up beautiful batik products and walk around the markets and malls or take a ride in a majestic horse carriage down the street, which is barred for all other vehicles.


The top tourist destination of Indonesia, Bali is the most happening place of this country. Offering some of the most amazing beaches such as Kuta, Mengiat, Seminyak and water sports facilities of the country, it is also a heaven for seafood lovers. It also has some of the most stunning and iconic temples such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, and Garuda WisnuKencana Cultural Park, which are worth a visit. Indonesia yoga retreats of Bali are some of the best in the world for your soul-searching journey. You can learn yoga from the best gurus, amidst the tranquility of nature here.


Located on the island of Bali itself, the mountains of Ubud is a day trip from the main Bali. These beautiful mountains here are covered in the lush green rice fields in step cultivation, which is an absolute sight to behold. You can experience thrilling swing rides over these fields. Visit the Ubud Palace and watch a traditional Balinese dance performance held in its courtyard. Marvel at the beauty of the temples of Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Goa Gajah, Saraswati Temple and more. A little drive from here and you have the waterfalls of Tegenungan, Tibumana, TukadCepung, as well as the intimidating Batur Volcano which are totally worth a visit.


If you want to avoid the crowds of Bali, Lombok is where you need to be. The pristine Giliislands have stunning azure sea and are an excellent spot for snorkelling. Gilli islands hosts some of the world’s best parties too. It has some of the most luxurious beach resorts for its exclusive tourists. If you are up for a little physical challenge, a trek to Indonesia’s second highest active volcano, Mount Rinjani, is an exhilarating experience. While the journey can be a little bit of a hard work, it is a perfect trip for adventure lovers as you get up and close with a real active volcano. The Crater Lake is absolutely breathtaking.

Raja Ampat Islands

Comprising of 1,500 small islands, Raja Ampat islands is a hub of tropical marine bio-diversity. A whopping 75% of the coral species of the entire world is found in this region, making it an excellent choice of destination for diving, snorkeling, scuba diving etc. The sheer variety and colors that can be witnessed under the water is absolutely mind blowing. This region is also the home to more than 1,500 species of fish including dolphins, dugongs, wobblegong sharks, sperm whales, orca and more. Hike to the top of Pianemo Islands to see the stunning panoramic views of the green Raja Ampat Islands, spread across the turquoise sea.

Komodo Island

Home to Indonesia’s famous Komodo Dragons; the Komodo Island is an absolute must visit for animal lovers. These giant venomous reptiles, which are the largest lizards of the world, are the apex predators here. Although the national park is sometimes closed off for tourists, another rare sight you find here is the Pink Beach, which is absolutely spectacular. Hike to the top of the Padar islands and you can enjoy majestic panoramic views. Take a little trip to the colour changing Kelimutu Volcano Crater Lakes, Flores Island and Labuan Bajo.

Ujung Kulon National Park

If you want to experience the stunning wildlife diversity of Indonesia, head over to Ujung Kulon National Park. It is the last remaining habitat of the critically endangered Javan Rhinoceros, Javan leopard and Sumatran dhole. This national park used to be last home of the Javan tiger which is now extinct. Here you can also spot deer, traditional Banteng cattle; the rabbit sized Java mouse-deer and other animals. It is also the home to some of the most amazing flora on this island. PulauPecuang has deer, wild boar, and monitor lizards freely roaming the beach.

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

The largest volcanic region in the province, the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is the home to several volcanic mountains. The active volcano of Mount Semeru or Mahameru erupts periodically every 20 minutes, expelling smoke, steam, ash and sometimes stones. Climbing this mountain needs a special permission. However, more popular one in that region is Mount Bromo. You can climb 30 minutes up the rugged trail to the top overlooking the crater, which was created when a volcanic eruption blew the top of the mountain off. The crater still dishes out sulfurous smokes and fumes, however it is possible to sit at its edge. Visit the austere TenggeresePoten Hindu temple, which stands out in the barren, rugged terrain, devoid of vegetation.


The Indonesian part of the Borneo rainforests, Kalimantan offers endless adventures for the lovers of forests and wildlife. You can experience remote jungles, which are mostly inaccessible by road, snaking rivers and lush green mountains. You are likely to spot the famous Borneo orangutans at the TanjungPuting National Park, which is one of the best Indonesia vacation destinations for wildlife. You might also be able to spot the other inhabitants of this area, such as mouse deer, red monkeys, sun bears, clouded leopards, crocodiles and others.

With such a vibrant variety of landscapes, activities and vibes, this is indeed a country that has something on offer for everyone. From beaches to mountains, forests to nightlife, history to street food, Indonesia is an amazing country for tourists and travellers alike.