Best Foods To Try While in Bali

Nov 26, 2020
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Bali is an amazing province of the country Indonesia that is located in the Indian Ocean near countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. This beautiful little island has had a recent tourism boom in the past few decades and now has 80% of its economy fueled by tourism activities. This island is as beautiful as it is drenched in history, culture and tradition. A large majority of the people practice Hinduism, and the arts, dance, culture and even food is punctuated by this fact. That does not mean that this hub of culture and travel does not have a diversity of dishes, because they certainly do! Bali's beautiful landscapes, mysterious historical landmarks and incredibly kind people all come together to make this place the perfect travel destination. If you love eating while on vacation as well as trying new and exciting things, then Bali is for you! There are a lot of great things about this wonderful island, but the food is one of the most interesting parts. Here are the best foods you should try in your travels throughout Bali.


If you are reading up on Bali cuisine so that you can eat your way through this country, you may find yourself being a little concerned about gaining weight. There is no need to worry, because you can enjoy the many varieties of Bali Satay dishes while wearing a Thrive Patch and not have to worry! Wear this discreet patch on your skin and boost your metabolism while you eat Satay to your heart's content. Satay is essentially grilled pieces of meat on a stick. The cool thing about this dish is that it is so prevalent in Southeastern Asia that every area has their own twist to it. Bali's take on this yummy meal involves a coconut milk and spices marinade before grilling. This is delicious in a sit down restaurant or eaten on the go while walking through a street market.


Lawar is another common and easy to find dish in Bali. It involves a mixture of finely chopped meat, like chicken, goat or pig, grated coconut meat and a mixture of Balinese spices. This is a very traditional dish that has to be eaten soon after being made or else it will spoil. It is often made with fresh animal blood! This may be a dish for the more daring.

Pisang Goreng

This dish is a delicious dessert. It is made of friend bananas that are grown right in Bali! This sweet treat is so good served with a sugary syrup or even vanilla ice cream. You cannot go wrong with this simple and easy to eat food.

Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng consists of fried noodles that are served with vegetables, meat and an egg right on top. Mix everything together and you have a delicious noodle dish that will have your mouth watering for more.

Babi Guling

This is perhaps Bali's most world renowned dish. It is a suckling pig that is rubbed and stuffed with Balinese spices such as lemongrass, chilis, garlic, ginger, turmeric and coriander before being roasted on a spit over coconut husks until ready. Many other Indonesian islands have a majority Muslim population, so pork is difficult to come by. However, the mainly Hindu island of Bali readily uses pork in place of beef! This is a must try while you are in Bali simply because of its fame as a meal. You will not regret this deliciously, tender meal.

Wherever you find yourself on this beautiful and culturally unique island, you are sure to find an amazing meal. There are world famous restaurants and side of the road shacks that have some of the most delicious food you will ever taste. The unique mixes of herbs, spices, veggies, fruits and meats come together to form the amazing, Bali cuisine that you will be thinking about long after you have returned home from your time in this rare place.