Beautiful Sound Of Nature - Ubud, Bali

Mar 20, 2018
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The best holiday is on Bali Island. A small island that became a paradise for local and foreign tourists. Exotic, natural and full of beauty. Many tourist attractions, arts, culture and activities that can be explored on this island. One of them is Ubud, this place became a favorite destination because of its extraordinary nature, which is able to unite harmony between nature and art. Ubud is different from other tourist attractions, because of its existing arts and natural charm. Many types of Balinese arts are there, most of the inhabitants there become artists and in some places, there are often for art performances.

Many people who call the character of the village of Ubud called “Nyeni” (art) and “shady-calm”. Many spiritual activities require an aura like this village, so as to create a genuine sacred religious value. There are many overseas tourists settle because they have peace and quiet, they cannot find anywhere else. It was like being reborn into a new human, all the problems and stress seemed lost to be swallowed by this place.



You can see the sunrise on Campuhan Hill, covered with orange and blue colors that will welcome your morning imagination so calm and comfortable. During the night, you can also see the beautiful fireflies around Tegal Lalang . The light will illuminate your night which then creates a romantic moment with your couple. The clear water that comes from the mountain springs, reflects the clarity and you can look your face to the water. The air is cool and certainly, no pollution relaxes your body and refreshes our mind. It is beautiful to imagine, all this is only in this place.

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In Ubud also there famous drum factory. Bali treasures is a “Drum Factory” that has existed since 1998. This factory has been producing up to 200 types of percussion instruments. Djembe and Cajon are the most popular products. The sound production is very good by handmade staff. The materials used are of high quality. Wood comes from mahogany wood which is obtained from a legal timber plantation in Indonesia, while the leather used in making Djembe is goatskin. Carvings on the wooden drums is done by professional sculptors, carved with care, creating high artistic value. Located on Jl. Raya Andong, Peliatan, Ubud, Peliatan, Gianyar, Bali. You can order custom designs if you want with a certain amount of production limit.

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We work with professionals and have 3 big awards. First, our products use legal wood for our Djembes raw material, we have a V Legal certificate and have followed government programs to preserve the forest. Secondly, Bali Treasures has been audited and received a certified by the Accreditation Committee of Indonesia every year to check the legality of logs, we also have KAN Certification. In this case, we also support the Indonesian government to maintain sustainable forests for future generations. Third, Primaniyarta Award which is the highest award given by the government of the Republic of Indonesia, as the most successful Indonesian exporter. We are awaiting your arrival, service and best product just for you.