Bali’s best coffee spots in Seminyak

Oct 23, 2019
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Bali with its tropical weather, jaw dropping luxurious five-star hotels, mind blowing surf breaks and cut-price drinks, is surely a dream vacation destination for a number of wanderlust souls. Despite all of these amazing pleasures, the thing which makes a vacation to Bali even more special is that here you get to experience its burgeoning coffee scene. Since the beginning of 20th century when coffee was brought to Bali by the traders of neighbouring island of Lombok, it has remained a staple for locals and a favourite of all the tourists.

However, it has been from past few years that coffee culture has seen a rapid explosion in the place with a number of artisan coffee shops and hip hangout joints popping up all over the gorgeous land of Bali. If you are a true coffee lover and have not tasted the divine coffee of Bali, then are you even a coffee lover? Before planning a vacation to Bali, you must know that Balinese are very serious and particular about their coffee. So, if you are also Balinese in your spirit as far as coffee is concerned, then we have brought to you some of the best restaurants in Seminyak which are known to sell truly amazing coffee.

1. Peloton Super Shop, Canggu

If you a health freak and a coffee lover at the same time, then Bali has a great option for you to relish your cup of coffee with a guilt free pleasure. Peloton Super shop being a vegan café plus a bicycle store, is an ideal spot for all the wellness warriors.

The place offers its visitors a range of healthy food which range from a variety of superfood juices, kombuchas, healing teas to yummy smoothies. However, last but not the least comes their special coffee which always takes the spotlight. Being organic and mixed well with their one of their daily house-made nut milks, the coffee is surely an extremely healthy drink here. It is their coconut latte which serves as an exception and comes on top of the preference list of several coffee lovers.

2. Seniman Coffee Studio, Ubud

You can imagine Ubud as a hippie town which houses a large population comprising of laptop-wielding digital nomads. As a result, the place is generously blessed with cafes which diligently caters to the two essential demands of their customers which are good coffee as well as a good Wi-Fi. Apart from a vast food menu, great ambience and quirky furniture, the café also provides free Wi-Fi and a delicious coffee which is sourced from across Indonesia, America and even Africa for you to enjoy. The coffee beans are roasted in the house and then there are experience baristas who prepare even the most complex coffee orders.

3. Revolver Espresso, Seminyak

Revolver espresso is an inner - city Melbourne style café hidden down in a laneway with a grungy and not so classy appearance, but still it doesn’t stop people from coming here in large crowds to have a taste of their delicious coffee. Due to large crowds of caffeine hungry people, the wait for a table may take a bit longer, but its worth it as at the end you will not only be awarded with a mouth-watering coffee but also a sight of people watching for your entertainment.

This place is a not just a favourite spot for the locals but is also a must-visit spot for the foreigners who are coffee enthusiasts by heart. Though located in a small laneway but Revolver determines to stand out with its all-out unique decoration, beaming light and artsy murals. So, if you want to taste the best coffee in Bali 2019, then head here for sure!

4. Hungry Bird, Canggu

Do you also have a weakness for brewing coffee and serene beaches? If yes, then Hungry Bird with its great coffee within a small distance with sand and surf, is the ideal hangout spot for you. Located in the surfer town of Canggu, it is situated just off the popular Berawa beach and hence attracts a huge crowd of sun – kissed beachgoers in search of a cup of caffeine joy visit Smart Holiday Shop.

Along with a comfortable and elegant ambience, this cozy coffee shop offers their visitors high quality coffee beans from across Indonesia. Its hip and youthful atmosphere with a modern interior and delicious meals as well as steaming hot coffee makes it a preferred spot among coffee addicts and also digital nomads.

5. Corner House

Located in a calming corner on the vibrant street of Seminyak, Corner House is a charming hideaway where you can relax, eat a satisfying as well as a delicious meal and even sip a great coffee. Besides coffee, the café is also known to serve an impressive variety of main course dishes as well as tea. Whether you wish to sit on the comfortable furniture or bask in the warm sunlight of Bali, the café provides both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

No matter whether you are a bit hungover, are feeling a little virtuous or just want to enjoy it while admiring the beauty of the place, there is a café catering coffee for your every desire. These cafes will prove to be a perfect spot for relaxing, getting an instant caffeine fix, hang out or even work at. Book one of the Bali honeymoon packages from India and enjoy the coffee as well as its addicting aroma yourself with your partner.