Bali Travel Hacks

Apr 30, 2019
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Travelling can be complicated. Sure it’s nice to fall asleep on a long flight in one place and wake up in another but for all its conveniences, flying can be a real pain and turn you into a jet-lagged grouch. Here’s our ultimate travel hacks for your next Bali trip:

Skip the Queue

If you’ve got kids, need special assistance, or are over 60 years, you can skip the custom queues and join your very own queue! Plus, it moves about 100 times faster so you’ll be on the way to your resort in no time.

Airport Lounge Access

Ditch the cramped seating and constant announcements at the boarding gate. Approx $30 will get you into the lounge aka the travel oasis that’s tucked away in the corner of the airport. You’ve got food, drinks, and reasonably comfy seats—it’s a win if you’re on a layover.

Avoid Lines All Together

It seems like the biggest part of travelling is surviving the airport queues. Ask for the VIP service which costs approx 50,000 IDR; you (and your luggage) will skip the queues and be ushered straight through, no sweat.

Travel for Less

Download Gojek on your phone—you’ll thank us later. It’s like Uber for Indonesia but with more amazing functions. Plus, the private drivers will pick you up at the airport for 1/10th of the price quoted by the taxi drivers.

?Written by Mashyitah Mustaffa


Steph Warren
Can you please clarify how you request for the VIP service for approx 50,000 IDR to "Avoid Lines All Together" at the airport?
3 years ago