Bali : Basic Guidance to Understand

Mar 15, 2020
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Amongst thousands of islands in Indonesian Archipelago , Bali appears to be one of the island with nearly 4 million population with Hindu majority. Geographically , Bali located in between 2 islands of Java on the west and Lombok on the east. Surrounded by the sea and strait made underwater lives of Bali worth to be discovered . Volcanoes and lakes are lining starting from the west point to the east that has contributed to exceptional fertility which provide high rainfall that supports a highly productive agricultural sector.Besides as an island , Bali also is one of 34 provinces in Indonesia which Denpasar is the capital province and I Gusti Ngurah Rai is the only International Airport. Nusa Penida , Nusa Lembongan , Nusa Ceningan and Pulau Menjangan are 4 separate islands belong to Bali administrative area. Bali has one National Park located on west Bali - a home for the near extinct species of Bali Starling - Bali's only endemic vertebrate species, and a key reason why this national park was created in the first place.

  • Religious Life, Temples and Ancient Ruins

Rituals and offerings are part of spirituality in Bali that can't be separated from daily basis routine. Balinese believe , how important is to live the life harmoniously and fulfilled in internal dimension. Human connection to the God , human to human , and human to the nature known as Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese Philosophy of life to achieve well being . Not only God and Goddess , ancestors are also worshiped in Bali. That might be the reason for so many temples in Bali. From a family scaled temple - to a Mother Temple. Life is about celebration and gratitude . There is so many ceremony to celebrate life's events since one's born to after death. Ceremony to the God , to ancestors , for Priest , for human , even to the spirits that live below human realm. Before become Bali at now time - united , previously it was governed by the Kings from the Kingdoms that located on almost in every regency / district . Ancient ruins , are here for us to witness the existance of the history and Bali civilization throughout the times. It is always better for visitors to behave respectful especially at the place that is considered holy : temples. It required to wear sarong and proper clothes that can covered knees and shoulders . And strictly - strictly not allowed for women to entering the temples - any temples in Bali during menstruation. We say in this case ,that the blood can ruin the energy of the temple as the blood is "the food" for the below spirits which are mostly negative. And sitting on temple's shrines or posing vulgarly at the temple is absolutely not a good idea to attract followers on social media. And trying to not to step on the flower offering ( canang ) as you walk on Bali streets.

  • Bali Society

As you arrived to Bali , you may noticed there are so many Putu , Wayan , Kadek , Komang , Ketut. Just like , we couldn't think of other names.

Society in Bali are divided into 4 Caste . It's hereditary. Unlike it's origin from India that divided its society into 4 ( Catur Warna ) according to profession.

Caste in Bali is :

  1. Brahmana .People who born in Brahmana Caste will have Ida Bagus ( man ) and Ida Ayu ( woman ) before their name.
  2. Ksatria.People who born in Ksatrya Caste will have Anak Agung Gede ( man ) Anak Agung Istri ( woman ) or Cokorda before their name.
  3. Waisya . People who born in Waisya Caste will have Dewa Gede ( man ) or Dewa Ayu ( woman ) before their name.
  4. The last is Sudra . Here is where Putu / Wayan / Gede / Ni Luh( 1st born ) , Made / Kadek / Nengah ( 2nd born ) , Komang / Nyoman ( 3rd born ) , Ketut ( 4th born ) exist .

Actually , caste system in Bali is a complex thing if we trace back to its origin in India all the way to arrived to Bali.

  • Ideal Bali's Vacation

Bali can perfectly accomodate solo traveller , family vacation , wedding and honeymooner , spiritual and wellness retreater , luxury vacation , scientific research , culture and arts vacation , and host International scale confferences.

Plaese try to shop more at localy-owned shops or book things to do that is guided by the local talents . From your side it gives you an access to the local insight , build connection and help the local family to grow.