19 Feb, 2019

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes When You Are Traveling For Work

Vactoria Ansoun
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Business travels seems like a dream come true for employees, but it is not as rosy as it might seem. This is partly due to the mistakes that business travelers make which add insult to their injury. If you want to make the most of your business travel, you should not repeat the same mistakes you made last time. Moreover, you should also learn from the experiences of other business travelers and avoid making mistakes that they made.

In this article, we share some of these mistakes that most business travelers make so you can avoid them on your next business trip.

1. Using Traditional Security Lines For Frequent Travelers

If you travel frequently than you should not queue up in the same line as everyone else is using. Moreover, you should invest TSA pre-check as it help you bypass lines and save a lot of your time just by paying a small amount of money. If you have millennials who are accompanying you, they don’t want to be stranded in airport security despite being travelling frequently. Save your team from a lot of hassle by using TSA pre-check.

2. Not Following Company Travel Policies

It is quite unfortunate to see business travel continuously breaching their company policies but what worse is that they don’t even realize it. Dan Ruch of Rocketrip highlights this issue, “Even if travelers find a great flight or hotel deal, they might get their hands slapped for being out of policy if their companies require them to book through an official booking tool or with a designated airline or hotel.”

Make sure you do check the company travel policies carefully and see if there are any recommendation regarding the airline or hotel you have to travel from or stay in during your business travel. If there are, you should follow it religiously. Keep an eye on expenses and fees that will be reimbursed and how much you are allowed to spend on your business trip.

3. Paying with Cash

You have a lot of cash with you, so you start paying for everything with cash. Whether it is luxury yacht charter in Dubai or hotel bookings, airline tickets or traveling costs. Carrying too much cash all the time is risky and not a good option. Why? Because you are missing out on an opportunity of collecting reward points and avail discounts that are offered by companies when you make payments via credit and debit cards. You can also redeem these reward points for future purchases. You never know, you might be able to enough reward points on your business trip to warrant you a free flight to return home.

4. Booking At The Eleventh Hour

One fine morning when you reach your workplace, your boss tells you that you have to accompany him on his next business trip that will begin in two days’ time. That is how business travel usually goes which is why most businesses end up paying much more on airline tickets.

Did you know that flights booked three days before departure are 47% more expensive booked over two weeks in advance? Yes, you read that right. Same goes for hotel bookings. If you are planning to reach the destination and then book the hotel room, you are not only running the risk of not finding the room in your desired hotel but even if you do find a home, you will be charged a higher price. Plan your business trip weeks in advance and you will not only save yourself a lot of money but also from a lot of hassles.

5. Not Preparing For The Worst

You are going on a business trip to meet with clients and stakeholders, attend business meetings, deliver presentations, attend conferences and enjoy a luxury yacht rental Dubai trip but that does not mean that everything goes according to the plan. There are flight delays you have to deal with then there are cancellations, so you and your team should be prepared for that. You might lose your luggage or important documents but that is the worst-case scenario, but you should be prepare for it because it can occur. Avoid checking a bag and bring a carry on if possible.

Which is the biggest business travel mistakes you have ever made that you don’t want to repeat? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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