Amazing Nusa Penida Dive Sites

Oct 21, 2019
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Nusa Penida is an island which is situated in the southeast of Bali rule island. This wonderful island has a 191.5 km2 area. of Nusa Penida Island, you need to go there by barge. In actuality, it isn't that difficult to get to the island. You can experience diving with super cool sea creatures in Nusa Penida siving spot. Nusa Penida presents staggering diving spots and wonderful marine situations. In this stunning island, you can find a couple of world-class bouncing goals where you can spectator the veritable greatness of the undersea world.


Incredible diving and snorkeling sites in Nusa Penida;


1. Manta Point

Manta Point is discovered west of Nusa Penida, definitively in Tanjung Pandan. It's not hard to bring about these current conditions Manta Point. There are a couple of various approaches to get to Manta Point. The ship is the essential transportation to go to Nusa Penida. To get to Manta Point is to go to the port of Sanur or Padang Bai. Various voyagers in like manner leave for Nusa Penida from Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Ceningan. Leaving from these spots will doubtlessly take a shorter time. Manta Point has ended up being one of the most terrific spots for jumping and swimming. This is an immediate consequence of the sensible water, valuable stone blue, and diverse marine life that lives in there. Under these conditions, bouncing and swimming in Nusa Penida are practices that you can't just disregard.



2. Malibu Point

Malibu point is one of the astonishing spots in Nusa Penida which has turned into heaven for the admirers of sunset, snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Malibu Point is a mind-blowing diving spot where you can enjoy magnificent undersea environment. There you can see the beauty of marine ecosystem. Diving in Malibu is a super fun experience, especially along with douse grades and colossal table corals. For the people who take PADI IDC Bali, Malibu indicate is amazingly unmistakable. According to a legend story of local people, especially the fishermen around the Malibu point that there are tremendous sharks that consistently appear around the Malibu Sea to guard the holy temple.


3. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Beach is as yet virgin and uncontaminated. The seawater is as quite obvious that you can see evidently the view at the base of the sea which joins coral reefs and different sea creatures and marine species. Crystal Bay is a paradise to jumpers, swimmers, and swimmers. The cove is likewise offering surprising white sand with its jewel water, moving waves and heavenly green slants, which really ruin your eyes. The exoticism of Crystal Bay Beach ends up being increasingly appealing in light of the fact that there is an obsolete sanctuary, a spot to petition God for Hindus. Exactly when the dusk comes, you can truly enjoy the stunning yellowish and reddish sunset.



4. Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay which is a stunning Nusa Penida dive site regardless of the way that it isn't notable yet for guests from better places. The condition of the shoreline is still very impeccable and the various distinctive stranded corals upgrade the edge of the beach, displaying an exquisite view when you get to this coastline. For jumpers, swimmers, and swimmers, you should visit the coastline of Gamat Bay Nusa Penida. With a shocking submerged view, the water is in too clear, soak shake, and soak inclines that lead to the bay. There are natural hollows and little gaps with a combination of fish and amazing stunning coral. There are various PADI MSDTs train scuba plunging courses to their understudies in this Nusa Penida jump site. In this amazing hopping spot, you can see turtles, greater pelagic fish, sharks, stingrays, and mola-mola.


5. Pandan Bay

Pandan Bay is still pure and virgin. There are many people visiting this astounding place to do comping. Toward the beginning of the day, you can genuinely feel the quietness and stillness of nature. It is quiet. Pandan beach is a perfect spot to escape from the noisy chaos. Its staggering white sand transforms into a beguiling play territory. Pandan Bay is in a like manner offering an incomprehensible undersea view where you can diveand discover staggering marine life. In this Nusa Penida jumping site, in the event that you are blessed, you can experience plunging with mola and manta rays.


Clearly, there are moreover many plunging spots in Nusa Penida. Preferably, this can be used as a sort of the point of view in finding the best jumping spots in Bali, especially in Nusa Penida Island.