15 Oct, 2018

A First Timers Guide to Sanur

Sanur Guide by The Bali Bible
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Stretching 5 km along the Eastern coastline, low key Sanur was one of the first tourist destinations to come to life in Bali in the 1920’s. A thriving artists colony in the 50’s, Sanur has always attracted a quieter traveller. Home to Bali’s Annual Kite Festival it is also a great spot for watersports. The main jumping off point for exploring other islands by boat, Sanur has a protected white sand beach with a restaurant lined boardwalk making this super family friendly, an expat enclave and a hotspot for European travellers.





Laidback and with magical sunrises to enjoy, Sanur is definitely quieter than its neighbours. With quaint markets, cool beach bars and a buzzy dining scene - it is also home to some of the islands most historic hotels like the Inna Grand Bali Beach and the ageless Tandjung Sari - Asia’s original boutique hotel with a star-studded guest list.