7 Exciting Places to Consider Working if You're Balinese

Oct 07, 2021
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The job market in Bali can be challenging if you’re an expat, but for the Balinese, there is a very low unemployment rate and opportunity is all around.

1. Resorts

Resorts on Bali provide a plethora of job opportunities, from maintenance and restaurant servers to administration and sales prospecting professionals there is something for everyone. With the ability to move up and learn different positions over time, they also provide great opportunities for growth. The more people look to Bali as a travel destination, the higher the demand for skilled resort employees will become.

2. Yoga Retreats

Bali is awash with natural beauty that seems to carry its own special Zen, and yoga retreats provide the perfect opportunity for those who come and want to take advantage of the atmosphere of peace that permeates the area. Depending on the size of the center a yoga retreat may employ multiple yoga instructors, reception employees, even food preparation and service workers. For the retreat centers that also partner with other businesses to create travel packages there are also opportunities for sales coordinators and contract managers.

3. Tour Companies

Many visitors to Bali are looking for an authentic experience. They want to know how the locals live, eat, and what they enjoy. For those passionate about their home, operating tours and sharing the beauty and secrets of Bali offer a great way to increase tourism and appreciation for the island and culture. Tour companies employ tour guides, tour coordinators, drivers, sales personnel, and administrative support to ensure the best possible experience for their customers in a very competitive arena.

4. Art Galleries

Besides agriculture, many Balinese farmers are quite creative and villages often have specific crafts that they are known for producing. Paintings, sculptures, and carvings from these villages are popular in markets and art galleries throughout Bali. Galleries provide unique opportunities for employees to share the rich culture and beautiful art of Bali with tourists who come through looking to take a piece of their experience home.

5. Dive Shops

Vibrant marine life and pristine water make Bali a diving destination. Dive shops offer the opportunity to teach diving, lead diving adventures, and sell equipment. Opportunities for group sales and cooperative ventures with tour companies also means there are great sales opportunities for someone interested in diving. There is also room for individuals with a penchant for repairing and maintaining equipment, not every job has to involve extensive face-to-face customer service.

6. Private Drivers

There are plenty of opportunities for people who enjoy driving and don’t mind driving others around. Private drivers often have a lot of flexibility in their days and can negotiate how much they want to work, where and when they’ll work and decide if they are available for long-term hire. Those who choose to focus primarily on tourists can hire out their services for day trips or assistance with errands. If a driver owns their own car they can also charge more to cover wear, tear and maintenance. Individuals looking for more stability can hire out to do all the driving for a single family or multiple families, providing the driver with greater structure and security.

7. Farms

Bali is largely agricultural, despite its huge tourist industry and much of the farming is done to support the people who live on the island. Farmers raise food for themselves and the surrounding communities, from farm stands and markets. It is on the farms where the cooperative spirit of the Balinese people really shines. Everyone works together to ensure resources are sustainably and fairly shared, and people come together to work in teams at harvest time, sharing in the labor.  Farmers in Bali are masters of organic, sustainable farming and they are known as some of the very best farmers in Southeast Asia.

Bali is one of the richest Indonesian islands, even with an average annual income of $500US. Between agriculture and tourism, job opportunities abound in Bali for those with and without college educations.