6 Important Items for Your Travel Bag

Mar 04, 2020
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A well-packed travel bag includes the six essential items along with all of the other goodies you want to bring along for the trip. As most of us know, packing is one of the less-desirable attributes of planning for a trip. It seems that we never know just what to bring along with us and pack and repack several times in an attempt to get it right. Packing is also one of the most important (and sometimes daunting) aspects of your travel. Ease packing stress and the back and forth with the information on the list below. The six essential items for your travel bag ensures that every traveler is well-prepared for the venture ahead.

1- Fiber-Rich Snack

Bring along a fiber-rich snack to fill those tummy rumbles when traveling. A pear or other fiber-rich snack fills you up, prevents constipation and other issues at bay, and prevents you from eating calorie-ridden sweets that offer no nutritional value. Another bonus is that you’ll save money since you won’t be tempted to buy airline snacks or expensive snacks from convenience stores along the way!

2- Facial Moisturizer

Always carry a good facial moisturizer in your travel bag. Traveling often causes us to lose sleep and worry more than usual, which can stress the skin. Add to these varying temperatures in airports and various parts of the world, and dehydration can very well be a big problem if you’re without the moisturization that you need. A facial moisturizer or one of the great Young Living Essential Oils is a great item for every travel bag.

3- Bottled Water

Our body needs water to replenish and detoxify. Carry bottled water with you when traveling and you’ll resist the temptations to buy soda, energy drinks, and other convenience store beverages (or save money versus the $3-per-bottle water prices.) Water is always the best drink option to quench your thirst. It minimizes energy loss as well, which is common when traveling.

4- Ear Plugs

A good pair of comfortable earplugs are essential any time you travel, especially via plane. Earplugs drown out the loud noises of the engine and other passengers, instantly using your travels and de-stressing you in the process. Passengers in cars enjoy the soundproof qualities of earplugs and they certainly help you catch some ZZZs. Use them when traveling via public transportation as well. Earplugs are inexpensive and make every trip a little bit easier.

5- Hand Cream

Dry, cracked hands are the worst feeling, but certainly, a risk involved when you travel. When visiting different temperature zones and elevations, etc. skin can become damaged very quickly. Carry a small-sized tube of hand cream (or, as mentioned above, an essential oil) and dry hands are not a worry when you’re flying high in the air.

6- Entertainment

Boredom can kick in fairly quickly if you travel without entertainment, regardless of your transportation choices. Although we bring our smartphones along with us for most travel experiences, it sometimes isn't enough to accommodate long layovers or what seems like endless miles on the road. Prepare for your travel adventures by bringing along a book or other items that will occupy you for longe stretches of time once the smartphone is no longer fun.

When there’s an upcoming trip planned, pack the six items above in your travel bag. Never leave home without these items and you’ll ease the headaches and hassles we sometimes experience when away from home -and the stressors of packing your travel bag.