5 Tips For Traveling in Bali

Nov 05, 2020
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So you've booked a plane ticket and you're getting excited for your trip to Bali. What's next? You might be wondering if there's anything you forgot to pack, or what the culture might be like where you're staying. Maybe you're feeling nervous about navigating public transportation or large crowds. Whatever your concern, this list has you covered.

1. Prepare To Spend

Whenever you travel, it's a good idea to come up with a budget before you go. You might have only a little spending money, or you might be able to spend roughly the cost of inground pool. It's possible to travel in Bali on both ends of the financial spectrum, you'll just have to plan accordingly.

Stay in hostels, eat street food, and shop at the local markets to save your money, and make the most of your experience by visiting free tourist attractions and taking in the views. Take advantage of group deals and find coupons online, and don't splurge too much on spa trips and nights out drinking. A little forethought is all it takes to stay budget-friendly in Bali.

2. Respect Customs

There are a lot of religious customs in Bali that you'll need to be aware of while packing and dressing for the day. Generally, the shoulders and knees should always be covered, and extra requirements might be in place if you're trying to visit temples or other holy places. Be prepared to go with the flow if you're out and about during a holy day, as certain streets might be closed off for processions.

There is even a holiday when everything, including airports, gets shut down for the entire day, so be aware of this ahead of time and don't disrespect the culture by expecting people to cater to your needs. In general, keep an open mind and don't expect your itinerary to be 100% accurate your entire trip.

3. Be Alert to Wildlife

If you've never travelled in a tropical area before, you might not be prepared for the local wildlife in Bali. There will be animals everywhere you go, from monkeys to stray dogs. If you're an animal lover, you'll feel tempted to try to pet or give the animals food, but this is generally a mistake. Wild animals carry diseases and might become violent if they're approached unexpectedly. Try to watch how others around you are treating the animals, and take their cue. Take pictures from a distance if you like, but keep your hands to yourself.

4. Avoid the Rainy Season

That's right, there's an entire season in Bali during which you may not be able to leave your hotel due to the rainstorms. This season generally falls in late winter/early spring and late fall, and may bring with it some great discount. If you're willing to take the risk, the cheap prices might be worth it to you, but generally tourists prefer visiting Bali when the landscape is on display in sunny weather. Also, remember that the rainy season is typically called the "low season".

5. Barter Respectfully 

You might be excited to try bargaining with the local vendors in Bali and get great prices on gifts to bring back home. But it's important to respect the vendors and not try to push them into a deal they're not willing to make. Remember, as a stranger and a foreigner, it's always best to honor local traditions and not make assumptions based on what you may have heard about the culture. Be kind, and pay the price when the vendor is no longer willing to lower for you.

Your trip to Bali is guaranteed to be fun and exciting, and following these tips will ensure that you avoid certain pitfalls along the way. Travelling to new places can be scary, but preparing in advance will always pay off in the end. Now pack your bags and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.