5 Things You Should Bring for a Relaxing Bali Vacation

Oct 09, 2021
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When you rarely take a vacation, it can be difficult to get into the right mindset. You may be boarding the plane while still thinking about all of your work responsibilities waiting for you when you get back, and this is no way to start off a luxurious trip. If you need to maximize the relaxation potential of your trip to Bali, here's what you should bring.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oil is often the first thing that comes to mind when people turn their thoughts to relaxation. With a little preparation, you can bring the calm of a spa wherever you go. Scent is a powerful sense, and essential oils can stimulate various systems in your body so that you subtly reach a more relaxed state. Lavender is especially good for relaxation and sleep. To learn more, you can check out D Gary Young and how he first got started with essential oils.

2. Skincare

Your skin can go through a lot on vacation, but especially when you're at the beach. Travelers often have to deal with stress and air pollutants in new places, as well as dry air on the plane. You can help minimize the damage and even pamper your skin with a few carefully selected products. If your vacation spot has a spa, you may want to treat yourself to a facial or some other treatments. If not, start by including a high quality sunscreen. If the temperatures are high, keep your makeup light to prevent clogged pores, and always remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep. To make this even easier, you may want to include some makeup remover wipes to keep by your bed.

3. Beach Essentials

Before bringing anything to the beach, make sure you know what the local laws and regulations are. For example, some beaches may not allow alcohol or glass containers. Many resorts with beach access will already have helpful beach equipment you can use for free or for a small rental fee, which may be worth not having to carry anything of your own. Make sure you've got a hat or umbrella, unless you're planning to spend the whole day sunning. Don't forget to hydrate, and if you are allowed to bring alcohol, use the right containers to keep everything cold without the risk of breaking glass.

4. Reading Material

Bali vacations are meant to be slow. If you jam too many activities into your days, you could end up more stressed than when you first arrived. Leave gaps in your day to simply exist and take up whatever strikes your fancy. You may spend the morning breezing through the latest romance or adventure novel. It can be nice to have the tactile feel of a physical book, but it may not be realistic to take up too much of your luggage space with reading material. You may want to invest in an e-reader or a tablet app that lets you read without taking up all your valuable luggage space. Going digital is also an easy way to buy a new book if you run out halfway through your vacation.

5. Comfortable Clothing

While you may feel that it's important to look your best for photos during your Bali vacation, don't try to look photo-ready at the expense of your comfort. Many Bali vacations are spent either on the beach relaxing or seeing the local sights, both of which are best done in comfortable clothing. Seeing local temples can mean long hikes, and even shopping can take hours and lots of walking. Save the fancier clothing for nice dinners or photos.

Even busy vacations should have some relaxation built in. Far too many people spend too much time trying to see and do as much as they can that they return home even more exhausted than when they left. With a little preparation, you can easily pack everything you need to make relaxing a priority.