5 Must-Visits for Your Girls Trip to Bali

Feb 09, 2021
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Right now, you're in need of a vacation. You're stressed and exhausted. As the winter months drag on, you're tired of wearing your heavy jacket and moisturizing your dry skin every five minutes. You need to be basking in the sun, sipping piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris on the beach as you read your favorite book. What's more, you need your best friends by your side.

The solution? A girls trip to Bali. You might have self-care routines and your trusty hormone balance supplement, but there's no cure for the winter blues quite like a sunny vacation. There is no place warmer and more breathtaking than Bali, and there's no place better to visit with your friends. But with so much to do, it's hard to figure out how to narrow it down. Here are 5 must-visit spots for you and the girls to enjoy.

1. Kuta

Kuta is the perfect mix of fun, relaxing, stunning, and exciting. A resort town (or, in other words, a slice of tourist heaven), Kuta has beaches, amusement parks, shops, nightlife, museums, and more. You and your friends can relax on the beach during the day, watch the sunset from a beachfront cocktail restaurant, and then spend the night dancing to bops in one of Kuta's clubs. Or you could choose something a bit more adventurous, tackling Bali's world-renowned Waterbom waterpark or learning to surf. A true paradise, anything is possible in Kuta.

2. Seminyak

Seminyak is a bit less popular than Kuta but no less special. In fact, as every experienced traveler knows, sometimes the hidden gems are the best ones. Not only are the beaches spectacular, but Seminyak is known for its endless authentic Balinese activities for tourists such as cooking classes and spa treatments. It's also known for its beautiful hotels; the Double Six Luxury Hotel, for example, has excellent views and a top-notch spa. You and the girls could spend all day getting facials and massages and then hit up the mountain bikes right after.

3. Nusa Dua 

Nusa Dua is the ultimate place for relaxation and renewal. Nusa Dua means "Two Islands" in Indonesian, though it's somewhat of a misnomer and not actually two separate islands. In Nusa Dua, you barely have to plan activities; you can spend hours and hours relaxing on the beach, absorbing the sun, and swimming in the crystal blue water. For dinner, you can watch the sunset and picnic on the beach. What you shouldn't miss, however, is an ocean-front camel ride; you'll feel on top of the world gliding across the beach, even if you're really just on top of a camel.

4. Ubud

If you really want the authentic Balinese experience, you can't skip over Ubud. In Ubud, you and your friends can spend your days connecting with yourselves, with each other, with nature, and with Bali. You can walk or bike through the rice paddies, experience the world-famous monkey forest, see traditional Balinese dance performances, or take Yoga classes from some of the most zen yogis out there. This might be the only place in Bali that you won't get to go to the beach, but it doesn't matter; there are plenty of other things to do and it's totally worth it.

5. Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital of Bali, and it's an incredible mixture of modern tourist activities and traditional culture. You and the girls can visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument or the Academy of Indonesian Dance to learn about Bali's rich culture and history, and then treat yourself to an Aroma Spa Retreat. There is also tons of marine wildlife in Denpasar; you can check out some sea turtles and even step outside your comfort zone to swim with sharks. Because what's a vacation without a little risk!

You deserve a vacation, and Bali is calling your name — and the names of your four best friends. So book a flight and don't look back, because life is too short not to spend it at the beach.