4 things you need to know about Bali

May 06, 2019
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This Indonesian island is packed full of remarkable destinations and fun activities, making it one of the most interesting places you can visit. There are some things, however, that you should bear in mind before you start your trip. These points will ensure you are prepared both physically and mentally for the adventures ahead. To avoid any surprises during your visit, you should know that:

1. The motorbike traffic is intense

If there's one thing that will astound you while in Bali it's the motorbike traffic. With 4 million people on such a small island, it's hardly surprising that most roads in Bali are flooded with motorbikes. If you have never been in serious traffic before then brace yourself. This is why most tourists are often advised to take motorbikes instead of vehicles. With a motorbike, you can manoeuvre through traffic and get to your destination on time, but with a vehicle, there is nothing you can do but move at snails' speed.

2. If you choose to stay in Kuta, be extra careful

Kuta is known for its wild parties that take place both day and night. The town is always buzzing with activity, but it also harbours all sorts of criminals, and you can easily lose your wallet, phone, and personal belongings in a matter of minutes if you're not careful. When going to a party in Kuta, don’t take your valuables with you. It's also a good idea to take out a comprehensive insurance policy. This will ensure you're completely protected while on the island.

3. Locals eat at home, so don’t expect to see them in restaurants

Bali has some incredible restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and exotic food. Many of the dishes here are influenced by Australian culture, but you should not expect to dine with the locals - nearly all of them eat at home with their families.

4. You can only visit a Balinese temple if you're wearing a long sarong

Temples are an important part of Balinese culture. Therefore, you should make sure you aren't disrespectful by ensuring you are covered by a long sarong. Anyone visiting a temple, be it a tourist or a local, will need to follow this guidance. You should also avoid pointing at things or speaking in a loud voice, as this is considered to be disrespectful too.

The above are just some of the things that you should know before you visit Bali. If you bear these in mind, you should avoid any unnecessary problems or confrontations with locals. Pay attention to these tips and you are certain to have a remarkable time in Bali.


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