13 Reasons Why Solo Travelers Should Visit Bali Once In Their Entire Life

Mar 17, 2020
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Two words go perfectly together – they are Bali and solo traveling. If there’s one place that you have to solo travel to at least once in your life, it is the magical land of Bali. From outdoor adventure activities to yoga retreats to luxury resorts and more, the land of Bali is a spectacle in itself which needs to be experienced by all travelers. 

To help you out in the best way possible, we have listed 13 reasons why solo travelers should visit Bali.

Perfect place for some “me” time

The reason why solo travelers should visit Bali at least once in their life is that it is the perfect place to be alone and bask in the glory of the self. The ambiance of Bali, everywhere you go is saying welcome home to yourself. 

It is the perfect destination to understand and experience what “me” time means. You can take yourself out on dinner and lunch dates. You can go for long walks on the beach all by yourself and so much more. 

With so much hype in technology and superficial party culture, spending time alone is not promoted in today’s world. Still, it is in this alone time that we discover who we truly are and learn so many new things about ourselves. 

As Ralph Ellison says“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”

Spiritual exploration

Bali is the perfect destination for spiritual exploration and spiritual growth. The land of Bali and the collective vibe of Bali very beautifully emit the energy of spirituality and spiritual development. Ubud in Bali is the best place for solo travelers.

Ubud has some of the best studios and yoga retreats in Bali, where you can immerse yourself in spiritual growth and exploration. Spiritual growth is one of the most essential needs of human beings, and Bali is the perfect place to fulfill this very vital need.

Apart from Ubud, there are other magical islands in Bali that host meditation classes and meditation retreats where you can dive deep within to meet your spiritual self. A spiritual journey is one which many a time we have to take alone because it is a journey to our true selves, and it is only us who can take this journey.  

Learn new things

Learning new things is what keeps the soul alive and keeps the mind fresh, and Bali is one of the best places in the world where you can learn several new and interesting things. There are hundreds of interesting workshops and educational tours held in Bali.

You can learn to cook exotic new dishes at culinary workshops; you can take pottery classes at some amazing pottery studios in Ubud; you can learn gamelan, which is the traditional music of Bali and so much more.

You can also learn to make chocolates at the chocolate making workshops and classes, and if you are an animal lover, then you can learn about animal habitation at the marine and safari parks in Bali. There is so much you can learn here in Bali on your solo trip.

Traveling in Bali is easy

You won’t face the traveling problem in Bali. Traveling within Bali is one of the easiest things and guess what? It is also highly enjoyable. You can walk around Ubud, which is the main center of Bali and where the most interesting workshops and events take place.

You wouldn’t need a vehicle to travel in Ubud. You can walk to your yoga class or your chocolate, making class and enjoy the warm and life-giving Bali sun while you do. To travel to other islands, you can take a cab which won't cost you more than $100.

It’s safe

Another primary concern for all solo travelers is whether a destination is safe or not, and especially in today’s global environment with all the financial, religious, political, and environmental upheavals, the safety of human beings all around the world has come into question.

Fortunately, Bali is one of the safest places in the world for solo travelers. The local people of Bali are so welcoming and warm-hearted; they will make you feel at home within the first few hours you are in Bali.

The local people are decent and not to be feared at all. In fact, they love it when people from all around the world visit Bali. A safety measure you need to take when you are in Bali is to stay away from the ocean when it is stormy and be careful around the volcanic mountains.

Get a fresh perspective

Traveling to a mystical and magical place like Bali is sure to give you a fresh outlook on life. When we live the same life every day, do the same things every day with the same people, life tends to get a bit boring, and we tend to get caught up in a particular way of thinking and living.

This will change on your solo trip to Bali. While you are traveling solo, spending time with yourself and learning new things in the wonderful land of Bali, you will be gifted with a fresh perspective and new lens through which you can view life and go back home with a renewed and fresh perspective on life.

Meet new people

On your solo trips all around the world, one beautiful thing happens - you meet other solo travelers from different parts of the world with interesting and relatable lives. You hear their stories and share your stories with them.

Solo traveling in Bali, in that sense, is a soul-fulfilling adventure where you get to meet many interesting individuals who are also traveling solo. Some of these new friends you make also end up being friends for life.

This is why solo travelers should visit Bali at least once in their life so you can meet new and like-minded people, enjoy companionships and new friendships.

Peace lovers

Bali is a haven for solo traveling peace lovers. It is a peaceful haven where everywhere you travel, you will be filled with divine vibrations of peace and serenity. Such is the culture and ambiance of Bali. There are so many temples in Bali which also add to the peaceful and serene vibe of Bali.

Whether it is at a yoga class, yoga retreat, meditation retreat, amid nature or in the temples, as a solo traveler in Bali, get ready to feel deep levels of peace like never before. The peaceful vibrations in Bali are sure to be profoundly healing and refreshing to your solo travelling spirit.

Divine Mother Nature

If you are in Bali, then you cannot miss the divine beauty of Mother Nature that is all around. Experience the bliss of the beautiful natural beauty of Bali.

Refreshing waterfalls, deep oceans, luscious forests, open fields, the warm sun is just the tip of the iceberg of the natural beauty of Bali and will fill your solo travelling heart with love, joy, and tranquility.

Adventure in Bali

Another major reason why many solo travelers visit Bali is for the adrenaline rush that comes from the innumerable adventure sports offered in Bali. Adventure is what makes the soul come alive and what makes life exciting, and Bali is the perfect place to fan the fires of your adventure-loving spirit.

You can enjoy so many different kinds of water sports in Bali, and some of them are best enjoyed when you are alone like jet skiing and jet packing. Diving, white rafting, and kite surfing are some of the most loved adventure sport in Bali.

Bali is the place where you can get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the adventure that is your whole life.

Shopping haven

Who doesn’t like shopping? If you love traveling and if you travel to a lot of different destinations in the world, you know that each place has its unique offerings and things that are sold in the markets of that place.

Another reason Bali is favorite among travelers is because it is a shopping haven, and you can shop for many artsy things in the hippie markets of Bali. Bali has many colorful bazaars and upscale malls where you can let your shopaholic solo travelling spirit run wild.

Self-care capital

Bali is the perfect place to pamper yourself and treat yourself like the queen and king that you are. Massage is an integral part of the Balinese culture, so you will find many amazing massage therapists and massages parlors in Bali.

You can treat yourself at a massage parlor and get a good body adjustment by an experienced massage therapist. Healing is also an essential part of the Balinese culture, and so you will find good healers in Bali who can help you balance your energy systems.

Be careful which healer you go to as some of them do not have the best intentions. So, find a good healer, shaman, or a massage therapist and spend some solo time taking care of your precious and beautiful self.

Easy on the pocket

Bali is one of those rare places in the world that are easy on the pocket, and it is literally raining ‘Rupiah’ in Bali. Rupiah is Bali’s local currency. With a good massage, a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, stay in a good resort, daily yoga classes, you wouldn’t be spending more than $85 a day in Bali.

Everything is so affordable in Bali without compromising on the quality, which is a dream come true for all solo travelers.

Traveling solo is a life-changing experience where you get to learn many new things, look at the world with new eyes, meet new people, and, most importantly, feel closer to yourself than you ever have before.

As a wise friend says, “Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experience of your life. Try it at least once!”