Aug 01, 2018
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Cultural adventures in Bali

On a recent trip to Bali, I went off the beaten tourist track and cycled through the rice paddies of Ubud on a half day tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and took our group to many interesting sights where he shared information about local traditions, mythology and cultural customs.

All over Bali there are statues, temples and even trees covered in black & white checkered cloth. Referred to locally as saput poleng, part of Bali Hinduism & animism, the pattern and colour combo symbolises the harmonious balance between two of the most constant & eternal opposites: good & evil, right & wrong, dark & light. 


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Quick fact. Some of temples in Bali use a kind of rock for the statues. That rock is very expensive. Expensive enough that you can buy a car for a statue. Rocks are gathered from ex Mt. Agung eruption. The locals believe that these rocks can make you closer to the ancestors.


I booked my tour through Bali Bike Hire who were organised, friendly and knowledgable.