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Keep up with all the latest compelling news and stories on the island. Be it Mount Agung status update, or Balinese Nyepi tradition, you can find it all here on The Bali Bible.

Bali, as with most of Indonesia, is positioned directly on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area in which a large amount of seismic activity, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can occur. As a result, from time to time this activity can interrupt even the most perfectly planned travel experiences.   Throughout the later part of 2017, Mt Agung, in East Bali, has shown increasing signs of volcanic activity and in late November 2017, Mt Agung began a small scale eruption that has made been prominently featured in the news media.   These kinds of situations can change quickly so it is always a good idea to stay up to date if you are planning on travelling to Bali soon. With  a lot of commentary surrounding the seismic events, so we wanted to share a couple of reliable sources that we rely on for up to date information and travel warnings.   If you're planning on visiting soon, or just want to keep up to date with how Mt Agung is behaving itself, check out the following sources. Smart Traveller Mt Agung - specific updates on Mt Agung activity Smart Traveller Indonesia - a resource from the Australian government publishing any relevant warnings for Indonesia National Disaster Management Authority - a resource from the Indonesian government    

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If you can dream it, you can make it happen. This is something the team at The Bali Bible really believes and we work to prove it everyday.   Last November, following the minor eruption of Mt Agung, tourism numbers sharply declined, leaving many on the island struggling. As a team with have a deep and strong connection to Bali, so we got together and starting coming up with crazy ideas around how we might help.   Since the 1970’s the Balinese economy has been driven by tourism and many in Bali rely on the regular tourism traffic to educate and provide for their families.   With many friends and partners on the island, we wanted to do something to encourage everyone back and show them that Bali was once again business as usual.   So we decided to create the most incredible competition we could imagine.   You can check it our right here   Surely, we thought, if we could give away some of the biggest prize trips we’ve ever seen, it might get a bit of attention. We hoped it might show everyone that 2018 was the year to be planning their next Bali escape.   From here the idea escalated quickly. We contacted some of our partners on the island, from the most luxurious villas and resorts, to the best restaurants and bars and some of the most exciting experiences.   Unexpectedly, everyone we spoke to about our crazy idea was keen to get involved! Even the Balinese government have supported the idea and joined in the activity.   With so much energy from everyone we talked too the plan came together quickly. With the help of many others we’ve been able to create not just one but three incredible Bali Escapes to give away.   While the winners of each prize will experience some of the best that Bali has to offer, the competition is about much more than that.   At The Bali Bible we love Bali and have deep and personal connections to the island. Our crazy-idea-turned-campaign is as much about rewarding the winners as it is about bringing attention back to this beautiful destination. We want to showcase its culture and its people and tell everyone that it is safe to travel there.   If you want to get behind the campaign we’d love the support. We'd love you to share this article, our social posts around the competiion or even enter yourself at the link below.   We’re so excited to be able to pull such a massive feat like this off and we could not have done it without every single partner that has contributed to the campaign; The Edge Villa The Ungasan Clifftop Resort Villa Latitude W Hotel Retreat Trans Resort The Layar Designer Villas & Spa The Viceroy Komaneka at Tanggayuda Air Bali Helicopter Oneeighty Single Fin Settimo Cielo Restaurant Merah Putih Restaurant Mejekawi Restaurant Ku De Ta The Lawn Canggu Sundays Beach Club Mozaic Restaurant Spice Ubud by Chris Salans CasCades Restaurant Four Elements Adventure Bali Body Skincare GoPro   Enter The Ultimate Escape Competition Here

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On Nyepi day, the Balinese take part in ‘Catur Bratha Penyepian’ which means no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no lights or fires, and for some, no eating or talking at all for 24 hours.   In short, everyone on the island is supposed to…. Do nothing!   Even Denpasar Airport is closed and all flights are grounded for the period of 6am to 6am the following day. The silence is policed by members of the Pecalang (traditional security men) from the local Banjar (counsil) with punishments dished out for rule breakers, such as cleaning a temple or being made to sit still on a road for 5 hours.   The days leading up to Nyepi are charged with anticipation for the locals. You will see the Balinese busying themselves with preparations of offerings for different ceremonies. Nyepi however is only the final ritualistic step of a series of ceremonies spanning 3-4 days.   Taur Kasanga is the name used officially for the series of rituals, with each one a particular communication with a particular god. Melasti is the first of these ceremonies. Perhaps as foreigners to the Balinese culture, it’s extremely hard to imagine that an island that bustles every other day of the year could fall completely silent, hence why we focus more on the day of Nyepi. For the inherently spiritual Balinese, Nyepi and the surrounding ceremonies are a source of delight. It’s an opportunity to cleanse the body, mind, and soul with meditation and fasting, and to show gratitude to mother earth by allowing her to take a breather.   The Ogoh Ogoh parade is not to be missed if you are visiting the island over Taur Kasanga. Ogoh Ogoh are mythological demons made of papier mache. The children of each Banjar create an Ogoh Ogoh each year, to be paraded along with the Ogoh Ogoh of other Banjars, accompanied with traditional music. The Ogoh Ogoh, which can be up to 5m in height are paraded with gusto and animation to scare away the evil spirits. They often represent the ugly components of society and are burnt to ashes as a show of purification after the parade. Any fan of theatrics and culture would be thrilled to catch the parade. Munggu outside of Canggu and Teuku Umar Simpang Enam and Puputan in Denpasar stage the biggest and best parades.   Fun fact; the Ogoh Ogoh parade was only first celebrated in 1983, unlike Nyepi which has been celebrated for centuries which is amazing proof that Balinese religion and culture has not been diluted by Western influence!   If you are in Bali (and also Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, or Nusa Ceningan) this March 17th, here are some tips from us!   - Make sure you get to an Ogoh Ogoh parade. The most spectacular parades are in Munggu, Teuku Umar Simpang Enam and Puputan in Denpasar. Don’t forget to take a camera to capture once-in-a-lifetime snaps! - We recommend that you find comfortable accommodation with a nice pool and food service, as you will be allowed to roam within a resort or hotel (many hotels and resorts do special discounted or all-inclusive Nyepi packages!). Make sure you check in as early as possible the day before to avoid traffic from road closures for the Ogoh Ogoh parade. - Prepare plenty of snacks and drinks, books, magazines and activities like card games. Take the opportunity for stargazing after dark, Bali has never been so sparkly! Enjoy the fresh, clean air early the morning after. - As a non-Balinese, you are not obligated to follow all rules of abstinence, however keep the noise down during the day and ensure your curtains are closed at night so no light can escape. Otherwise you might find yourself enrolled in a temple clean! - Have you considered doing as the Balinese do? You are welcome to take part in ‘Catur Bratha Penyepian’ or abstinence. Rest, practice gratitude for beautiful Bali and give your full attention to your family - If taking a lay day during your trip isn’t on your agenda, you can boat to the Gili Islands or fly or boat to Lombok, Bali’s Islamic neighbour. Bali is the only Hindu part of Indonesia, and therefore the only place where Nyepi takes place   ***If you are in Bali for Nyepi, remember to book your accommodation in advance. Make sure the place you are staying at has excellent facilities to keep you entertained throughout Nyepi. Check out our recommendations below for some great Nyepi 2018 packages and special offers.   Embed  

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Maharadjah Tattoo is a tattoo studio where only the best of the best tattoo artists are found. All of our artists have years of experience in the art of tattoo and have received multiple international awards in tattoo competitions worldwide. Our founders Jimmy “Toge” and Uncle Jim have both been in the tattoo industry for more than 15 years! They have also been invited as guest artists to other tattoo studios in Europe and Australia and have mentored other Award Winning Tattoo Artists. We use high quality imported ink and each of our artists are specialized in many different styles of tattoo Our job is to make sure that you leave our studio with a 'one of a kind' work of art on your skin.  Our artists can even make a bad tattoo into works of art with a cover up job.  At Maharadjah Tattoo we use only the best tattoo equipment along with state of the art sterilization tools and disposable needles & tips to make sure that our hygiene practices are within or surpassing International health standards.

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Tukad Cepung Waterfall Tour Bangli Bali Indonesia is a private tour service to visit the hidden waterfall in penida kelod, Temuku, bangli bali indonesia. This waterfall is a new tourist destination in bangli area, which gives the beauty and uniqueness of different waterfalls than others, located in the middle of high cliffs, with very clear water, slightly enter the cliff area that seem to coincide with one another. Bali private tour and transport service The beauty of this waterfall has its own uniqueness that looks like water that falls from the sky because the sunlight coming from above the waterfall illuminates the water. So that makes this waterfall looks bright shine and can make visitors drift with peaceful atmosphere, cool and beautiful. Cool, peaceful and beautiful. That's what people feel after being in this waterfall, why not ... ??? The atmosphere is beautiful and cool, the sound of falling water is like a reflection of natural music that will make us feel at peace in Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli Bali Indonesia area. For those lovers of adventure tours who like to explore the beautiful and unspoiled places, this tourist attraction like Tukad Cepung waterfall Bangli can be a destination for the next streets. For natural attractions Bali waterfalls are quite popular are Gitgit waterfall, waterfall Sekumpul, waterfall tegenungan are some famous waterfall for now, but the natural scenery that served waterfall Tukad Cepung Bangli able to present the natural beauty which is more special and you can not find anywhere else. HOW TO GET TUKAD CEPUNG WATERFALL ? Tukad Cepung waterfall located in Banjar Penida Kelod, Village and District Tembuku, Bangli, Distance from Denpasar airport about 45 km takes about 90 minutes drive in normal traffic condition. the distance from downtown Bangli about 8 km to the east. To access this waterfall, We proudly provide private transport with driver who is familiar with the map of tourist locations in Bali, friendly guest, honest and polite and able to speak english well. ( Private transport / taxi service in Bali ) Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in doing a tour to the waterfall tukad flour anytime via whatsapp at +6282144055762 | email:

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Every day is the perfect day for Sunday's Beach Club, especially now that they have launched a brand new menu of beachside bites and reservations for those who want to secure the best spots on the beach. Acclaimed Australian Chef James Viles has upgraded the ocean-view dining experience at Sundays. All your Sundays favourites like the Tuna Tuna Poke, GO-TO Burger and Jimbaran Caught Snapper are still available, with new additions like Lamb Shish, Cooked Chilled Seafood Basket and BBQ Corn and Spiced Yoghurt Salad shaking things up. Don't miss their Friday and Saturday night dinner special, the Seafood Feast, so lavish that it's best enjoyed with family and friends.  Also due to popular request, Sundays are now offering Reservations so you can skip the queue and spend more time in their private piece of paradise. You can now reserve:   1.    THE SUNDECK Lounge front row on a sunbed and enjoy the captivating ocean views while you sip the most sophisticated cocktails.   Arrival Time: 9 am – 12 pm Duration: Until 6 pm Ticket Price (per person): IDR 500,000 Includes: Full beach club and inclinator access, Reserved Sunbed, IDR 300,000 F&B Credit, VIP ENTRY, Wifi, Towel, Water Sports     2.    THE BEACH Relax in a beanbag right on the shoreline with your toes in the sand while you indulge in their lip-smackingly gourmet menu.   Arrival Time: 9 am – 12 pm Duration: Until 6 pm Ticket Price (per person): IDR 500,000 Includes: Full beach club and inclinator access, Reserved Sunbed, IDR 300,000 F&B Credit, VIP ENTRY, Wifi, Towel, Water Sports     3.    DINNER Book a table and enjoy their new menu, best shared amongst family and friends.   Bookings from 6 pm – 9 pm Ticket Price (per person): IDR 500,00 Includes: Reserved Table, IDR 500,000 F&B Credit, VIP ENTRY   Terms and Conditions Apply.            

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An island paradise where the turquoise waters are as warm as the summer air all year around, limestone cliffs tower over dreamy beaches and inland, dramatic jungle-scape meets rice terraces in hues of green you won't find anywhere else in the world. Of course the luxury hotels, world-class dining, endless opportunities for shopping and the famous nightlife are draw cards, but all of this has manifested for the love of Bali’s natural beauty. Tourism has been a part of Bali for at least 70 years, with it especially booming in the last 20 and it’s rapid growth is looking to continue. The environmental impact this has left on Bali has been equally explosive. The population of Bali is over 4 million and with over 4 million visitors per year the population is growing faster than the infrastructure can handle. Indonesia is also the world’s second largest producer of plastic, however, is only the fourth populous country in the world. It’s no secret to anyone who has visited Bali the environmental issues Bali faces. Those of you in Bali now might have noticed that along with the arrival of the onshore winds and big rains, there is also the return of plastic out of rivers and onto the beaches. This is one of Bali’s many environmental problems, yet we are still a long way off restoring Bali. What is needed is action on a large scale - and now. Luckily, there are a number of non-profit organisations and forward-thinking businesses that are working to bring balance back to the island.... We thought we'd share some of these amazing businesses with you.   1. BYE BYE PLASTIC BAGS - Perhaps with plastic only being introduced to the island 30 or so years ago, many locals are yet to contemplate the afterlife of plastic waste. Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a truly inspiring youth driven initiative founded 4 years ago by two sisters, Melati (16) and Isabel (14) Wijsen. The girls did some research and found studies that prove that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea including harmful micro-plastics from things like cosmetics, sun care, clothing and industrial processes.  They also found out that the production of plastic bags requires petroleum and often natural gas and chemicals. Its production is toxic to the air, and the burning (which we see on a daily basis here in Bali) is much worse and cancer causing. Studies show that the amount of petroleum used to make a plastic bag would drive a car about 115 meters. It would take only 14 plastic bags to drive one mile. The girls decided to focus on a realistic target- plastic bags. In one of the organisation’s biggest victories to date the girls were invited to present as a TED talk in London in September 2015. They have already empowered youth in Australia, Jakarta, Guadalajara, New York, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Singapore, and the Philippines to spread the anti-plastic bag message locally. Their other huge victory, they successfully lobbied the government in Bali through petitions and campaigning to become plastic bag free in 2018. Many outlets in Bali now offer alternative bags, or charge for plastic bags. They have even gone from neighborhood to neighborhood distributing re-useable bags. Their next goal is to work their way into Bali’s education system and eventually go Indonesia wide. Perhaps the best things about Bye Bye plastic bags? We think it empowers EVERYONE to take action- Melati and Isabel were just 12 and 10 when they founded the movement and now they lead a team of youth of 25-30 kids from all over the island, local and international. The NGO is now one of the most recognised and powerful in Bali. According to the girls, what can you do today? Say no to plastic bags. Volunteer. Raise Awareness. A small donation can go towards printing educational booklets or producing alternate bags. SEE THEIR TED TALK AT THE LINK   2. BALI COMPOST CRAFTERS - Bali has no recycling system, largely due to a lack of government funding. Rob Withrow and his partner Oliver Mauger decided to tackle the island’s waste problem with their not-for-profit organisation, Bali Compost Crafters. They operate out of Bali’s major trash site, the Suwung dump located near Bali’s most popular tourist areas. More than 3000 cubic meters of waste are trucked to the site each day, containing 60% recyclable green waste, and 5 to 10% mixed plastics that are recoverable. This doesn’t account for what is thrown in rivers and vacant blocks of land all over the island. Rob believes the first step is exposing the value of what is being lost- Bali is literally sinking in waste. On a plot donated by Udayana University at the entrance of the Suwung dumpsite, Bali Compost Crafters is currently converting 3% of Green waste into nutrient packed super compost to replace chemical fertilizers to promote sustainable farming. Corruption is often blamed for the lack of financial resources going towards the problem, however in less developed countries better roads, lighting and electricity for remote villages and upgrading infrastructure takes priority. The only way to catch up to the ‘waste monster’ will be large scale investment from private sectors to build a new dump site, architecturally designed to receive waste that has been separated. “The key that unlocks this knot is separation. This is taught to school kids, who take it home and when they grow up, and teach it to their kids- then threat is over” Rob says. “There's no value in judging who is to blame, or why this should be someone else's problem. It's just a thing that has come up in our lifetime, as a result of conditions that occur and exist around the time that our lives are taking place. Bali Compost Crafters and these other efforts need every gram of support we can muster, because the problem is already greater than anyone feels comfortable knowing or telling others about”. VIEW THEIR VIDEO   3. INDOSOLE - Kyle Parsons was on a surf trip in Bali when he discovered a pair of sandals that used motorbike tires as the sole. Surrounded by a flurry of motorbikes he began to ask some questions. Used tires account for a huge portion of waste in the world, with 1.5 billion of them being dumped every year. Tires take thousands of years to decompress- this means the first ever made is still out there somewhere! Many third world countries such as Indonesia burn tires as a cheap substitute for fuel which leads to toxic fumes being released into the atmosphere as well as harmful oils into the ground and water table. Few people also realise that used tires are breeding grounds for mosquitos and subsequently 30% of mosquito born diseases such as dengue, malaria and the recently topical zika virus. In 2009 Kyle met Kai Paul who believed in the concept and together they created Indosole- a footwear line with a revolutionary production process and appealing design aesthetic which promotes awareness through selling conscious footwear with a trendy aesthetic. They guy’s philosophy is this- “It is a big team effort to keep Bali beautiful and also keep in mind that it can be a test model for many tropical islands around the world, we are all in this together, breathe the same air, and swim in the same oceans. We are in this together as humans living on Earth, not just connected via Bali, it is a worldwide movement.” Indosole footwear is available at a number of retailers across Bali, and also at SEE THE INDOSOLE PRODUCTION PROCESS   4. PROJECT CLEAN ULUWATU - Kelly Slater famoulsy tweeted in 2012, “If Bali doesn’t #DoSomething serious about this pollution it’ll be impossible to surf here in a few years”. Project Clean Uluwatu is an organisation founded by the cliffs of Uluwatu, an iconic surf destination for surfers from all around the world. What was once a surfer’s paradise became polluted with waste from hotels and warungs located along the cliffs as the area grew in popularity. The Project Clean Uluwatu team saw the need to develop an environmentally friendly waste processing system specifically for organic liquid waste in an initiative supported by local and international surfers. With more than 50 warungs and shops located on the cliffs and no functional liquid waste system in place, many surfers noticed the unpleasant smell. With help from engineers, PCU has developed a design for a system that will manage all liquid waste from Uluwatu. The project started in May 2013 and the cost is $50,000USD(for a simple diagram, see below). Since then, PCU has facilitated the processing of over 1,800,000L of waste that otherwise would have ended up in the ocean. Also along with ecoBali, every warung was given a bin for each organic, and non-organic waste. Bins with lids were installed on the stairs and now all rubbish from Uluwatu is collected 3 times weekly by ecoBali and disposed of responsibly. Their next step is to build a composting system at Uluwatu. PROJECT CLEAN ULUWATU ARE UP TO   5. FIVE OCEANS ECOFIN - ecoFIN is the world’s first surfboard fin made with recycled waste from the beaches of Bali. Founder Luise Grossmann realised his vision of creating a recycled product that also raised awareness of Bali’s waste problems for surfers all around the world while travelling through Indonesia. With each paddle stroke that caused waste to get tangled in his arms, his vision of creating a product that encouraged surfers to make responsible consumer choices was borne. “We envisioned a product made of real rubbish which fulfils all the expectations of surfers everywhere in the world. We collaborated with shapers, material and hydro-dynamics experts. And based on the expertise of our team of engineers, and designers we converted existing waste to a high performance fibre-reinforced composite: The Ocean Composite.” Each set of fins is made from approximately 100 bottle caps that have been collected from Bali’s beaches. They are then sent to recycling facilities in Java where they produce recycled pellets. The material refinement takes place in Australia and they are then moulded into the final product. The result is a product competitive in performance with other fins on the market, with ideal stiffness for small to medium waves and compatible with a variety of boards. SEE MORE ON FIVE OCEANS HERE   6. KEEP BALI CLEAN - 80% of villages have no trash collection and still dump sites overflow with trash. These villages dump rubbish into rivers which overflow during wet season and cause pollution on the beaches. The rest is burnt releasing toxic, cancerous and environmentally damaging fumes into the atmosphere. Founder of Keep Bali Clean, David Eagles moved into a village with no waste management system a number of years ago where dumping and burning took place. He also noticed that with every item purchased at local shops, a plastic bag would be supplied, which would often be disgarded irresponsibly, often on the way home. Crunch time came for David Eagles when he could no longer ignore his responsibility. “My skills are in graphic design and marketing, so I decided I would start campaigning about littering and reducing plastic bags.” Through sales of t-shirts David and his team fund thousands of posters for warungs (local style eateries), and through donations produced over 30,000 re-useable shopping bags and distributed them all through Bali. Their message is this- “Bali needs to reduce the plastic trash, separate the recyclables and compost the food scraps”. David’s 11 year old son Oscar is also doing his bit- he has spoken in front of adults and also at government schools around Bali. Together they present to students in the hope that one day one of the students becomes the Governor of Bali. All donations go directly towards funding television commercials which reach thousands of people in Indonesia per day. Keep Bali Clean hope to grow their social media following also so they can increase awareness and shame people that are still littering. Here is the link to an educational television advertisement that Keep Bali Clean have funded: Here is Oscar Eagles presenting to a local school when he was 8 years old:   None of these organisations and businesses are pointing fingers- as a developing country, the prioritisation of funds are majorly directed elsewhere and education is only just becoming implemented. Just 20 years ago, even fully developed countries such as Australia faced waste and littering problems. The government was able to spend millions of dollars on campaigns and recycling programs to fix this. Cleaner waterways have been restored, sea life is thriving and landscapes are beautiful again.   If you’ve travelled to Bali once, twice or 10 times, if you are a local resident, if you have adopted Bali as home, if you are a beach goer, a surfer, nature lover, let’s remind ourselves that individual shifts in consciousness, creates a collective movement. If you want to make a difference you can. Donate, volunteer, be conscious of the waste your produce and spread the word via social media or anyway you can. Let’s work together to keep our island beautiful.

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There are no shortage of villas between Seminyak and Canggu, but believe us Own Villa truly is unique and special in every way and a high level of luxury standard. Hidden amongst the most typical scenery of Bali, the rice paddies, Own is a four bedroom villa perfectly located in a very peaceful area, yet close to the most glamorous bars, shops, restaurants and clubs of the island. “Escape, relax, enjoy”, these are the keywords when staying at Own Villa, and they really come true once you try what they call your “Own experience”. Everything flows at your own rhythm, with an attentive and caring service and the feeling of an exclusive getaway. Nestled within lush tropical greenery, the house consists of five different buildings: four bedrooms and an open-air living room. The pool of generous dimension is down by the riverside end of the property, with a view on the stunning rice fields. This layout makes Own Villa the ideal gateway for either friends or family gatherings, with the peace and quiet needed to enjoy Bali to the fullest. The structure was designed with a clear environmentally friendly concept, in harmony with nature using materials such as alang-alang, recycled ironwood and minimal steel trimmings. There is a fascinating story for architecture lovers emerging from every little detail. Own Villa is also the ultimate fit for guests with specific dietary needs. The chef Pak Made prepares your daily dishes according to your requirements. His repertoire is diverse and features a range of cuisines including Italian, French and Indonesian. The mix of flavours, the top presentation of dishes, and the overall experience cannot be described, it must be tried!   The healthy Own lifestyle is completed by an optional wellness retreat package that includes tailored Spa treatments, private yoga and meditation classes. The focal point of Own Villa is “well-being” and everything is put in place to let you experience the unique serenity offered. If you are looking for a place that breaths the authentic Bali spirit, Own Villa is the one. Check out their Instagram or Facebook page!

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We thought after three members of our amazing team had been lucky enough to have their wedding in Bali over the past 4 months that we should share The Bride's Guide to having the best Bali wedding. Below is a result of our team calling on our extended network in Bali to build a detailed guide showcasing the best of the Bali wedding scene. Whether you are recently engaged, or have friends or family thinking of having a wedding in Bali – YOU NEED TO READ THIS!   Bali's Best Wedding Planners A lot of people question whether a wedding planner is really needed when holding a destination wedding, and in our opinion it is essential to successfully hosting your dream wedding day.  With so many choices on the island it can often become overwhelming when trying to choose one, so we thought we would do some digging, and narrow down the list of wedding planners we have had the pleasure of not only working with but in some cases have been lucky enough to plan our own weddings over the years! For those brides looking for a customised wedding experience, below are a list of other fantastic planners best known for their creative style, and attention to detail:  Libby Doherty Weddings Cher Ange Weddings Global Weddings The Seven Agency Call Me Madame Lynley Weddings   Bali's Best Catering Companies Catering is one of the most important aspects of a successful wedding day, and what better way to showcase to your guests the beautiful cuisine the island has to offer by choosing a great Bali caterer. When it comes to catering for weddings in Bali, we think there is only one choice, and it is a very recent addition to the Bali catering scene - Merah Putih Catering. Delivering beautifully crafted food, attentive service & the same exceptional standards from the team behind Merah Putih Restaurant (which is one of our favourite restaurants in Bali). With a menu which is mixed between individual dishes and the local tradition of sharing, a dining event from MERAH PUTIH CATERINGpresents an opportunity for your guests to dive further into the unique experience of having a special event in Bali. The below links go to their website where you can find out more. Merah Putih Catering (by Merah Putih Restaurant)   Bali's Best Wedding Photographers After months of planning your special day, and with friends and family travelling near and far to share in the celebrations with you, we feel it is important make sure you capture your dream day with only the best photographers Bali has to offer which is why we highly recommend: Imaj Gallery Terralogical Veli Photography Beck Roochi Phography Evermotion Photography   Bali's Best Wedding Venues With so many venue choices on the island it can often become overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect venue so we have narrowed down in our opinion a list of the BEST Bali wedding venues.   Bali's Best Furniture Hire For those brides looking for that unique wedding planning experience, when it's time to choose your furniture we feel you can’t go past the beautiful vintage inspired furniture from Bali Event Hire.  With their beautiful style & high quality range of furniture the team at Bali Event Hire will ensure your special day is one to remember forever. Supply and Demand Bali are also a great choice when it comes to high quality furniture rentals in Bali. Bali Event Hire Supply & Demand Bali   Bali's Best Hair & Make Up Besides your dream dress Hair & Make Up is the second most important part of your wedding day look! From experience we highly recommend: Glo Day Spa Spring Spa Yeanne Make Up Shampoo Lounge Prana Spa Bali Barber and Spa (For the Groomsmen)   Bali's Best Florists When we think of Bali immediately the smell of the Palm Trees, Frangipanis & Coconut come to mind. What a magical setting for your dream wedding day. Flowers are equally as important to set the scene of the evening so we have handpicked our favourite Bali florists to make the choice a little easier for you Aisle Project Martha Florist Heliconia Gloriosa Flower House   Bali's Best DJ's Setting the scene is a big part of a successful wedding day so in our opinion a good DJ is a must for an awesome wedding! Below are two of our top recommendations for brides wanting great music on their wedding day. DJ Arshad Arshad has been active in the club and events scene for over 20 years. He has held residencies in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Caribbean and Thailand, and in 2003 Arshad fulfilled the roll as the event/artist/PR manager for a high-end Dutch hospitality group. For the following 9 years Arshad organised an average of 30 events annually, playing with celebrated names around the world including Ron Carroll, Joey Negro, Stonebridge, Robin S, Copyright, Hardsoul, Sergio Flores, Dennis Ferrer, Chocolate Puma and Ce Ce Penniston a.o. While spinning, Arshad draws inspiration from the crowd to manoeuvre his set to the ongoing mood and moment. Arshad describes his style as warm & accessible, creating an eclectic style of various music genres, which makes him a great choice for weddings and events. Since 2012 Arshad has held various residencies at many well known venues including Kudeta, Metis & MamaSan along with playing at many weddings and events each month throughout Bali. Arshad's music style includes Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, House, Top 40 commercial, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Rock, Latin, Salsa, Lounge, Jazz & Soul. Contact details: Adam Bennetts You’d be hard pressed to come up with a better definition of 'Living The Dream', than the way Adam Bennetts goes about his days. By splitting his time between the Gold Coast and Bali, Adam really does have an endless summer and this is portrayed in the fun rolling house vibe he brings to the DJ booth. Adam is as versatile as they come. He's the guy that has you catch yourself out, when bobbing your head as you watch the sun go down and he's also the guy that has you grooving into the early hours of the morning. His 10 years of DJ experience really stand out in all of DJ sets, whether it be his groovy sunset vibes or as deep as house music gets. This is why you will see his name pop up on many different bills all around the world. Whilst in Bali, Adam holds a residency at Single Fin, Uluwatu, which is arguably one of the worlds best Sunday sessions. He also plays at numerous other venues, such as Jenja, Old Man's, Hu'u Bar and now, the brand new Koh. When he is back in Australia, he is a Saturday night resident at elsewhere Bar in Surfers Paradise. He also plays monthly in Melbourne at St Kilda's Secret Garden and fortnightly in Byron Bay at Aquarius and The Beach Hotel. Adams music style includes: Tropical House, Deep House, Tech-House, Downtempo, Nu-Disco, Disco, 80s/90s. Contact details: Sound cloud:   Best acoustic singer Lydia Rose Music    Bali's Best Video / Arial Photographer What better way to remember your special day, and look back on with family and friends by having a videographer filming every moment for you. With many great choices available we have hand picked a few below to make the choice a little easier for you. Imaji Bali Bali High (Arial drone footage)   Bali's Best Entertainment Finding the right entertainment for your wedding day in Bali wedding can often be overwhelming especially when you are so spoilt with choice! We have hand picked a few of our favourite entertainment / production companies to help you on your way. Elite Sounds Bali Fire Dancers Marlyn Production   Bali's Best Accessories for Weddings  If furniture, flowers and music aren’t enough, why not go all out and add some extra components to your special day!  Giant Swan Piyama Bridal Party Robes   Bali's Best Wedding Cake and Dessert  After all the dancing, eating, photos and more there is always room for a little desert and these two are absolutely delicious!  DELICIOSO GELATO Ixora Cakes   Hens Parties Planning a wedding wouldn’t be the same without also planning the ultimate Hens & bucks celebration. Ideas, games, and celebrations for a fabulous Hens night or Hens party, for every bride-to-be can be found here; Hens Party   Bali is truly a magical place full of endless of opportunities to make your dream day absolutely beautiful. We hope your Bali wedding is as amazing as ours was! Love The Bali Bible  xxxx

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This Indonesian island has been a favourite with tourists for years... but why is Bali such an attractive holiday destination over other cities?  Well, each week, more than 16,000 Australian tourists make the pilgrimage to the small island paradise of Bali. Immersed in sun, beauty and culture, it’s beyond a tropical holiday destination; it's a mood, an addiction, and an escape.  Bali inspires a sense of calm and belonging that only those who have been there can truly understand. Some tourists go for cheap Bintangs and stunning scenery. For others, it’s all about the party scene, the fine dining, or the Indonesian culture. The weather, of course, plays its part, along with the Balinese people, who welcome tourists with open arms and smiles. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’ve travelled, Bali is like no other place on earth. There’s no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink in Bali, and everyone has a favourite bar or restaurant in Bali, but to celebrate this exciting announcement, and to give our own lowdown on the best places to eat, drink, and 'must do' experiences, here are some of our top Bali picks... If you follow these recommendations, you can't go wrong. Must see places for 'First Timers'! Even though millions of tourists pack their bags every year and head to this wonderful island, not everyone has been to Bali. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing experiences on offer for first timers, and provide insight into the variety of amazing activities on offer in Bali! The Hidden Waterfall @ Tegenungan are an amazing experience and has quickly become one of the more popular tourist activities for those heading to Bali. With all the hustle and bustle of South Bali, it's easy to forget that much of Bali is covered in green, lush rainforests, and hidden beauties like this. Tegenungan isn't the only waterfall in Bali, some other amazing waterfalls can be seen here. Sundays Beach Club is on a stunning stretch of white sandy beach on the Bukit Peninsula and offers a memorable experience like no other. Relax to the cool tunes and enjoy friendly Balinese service or take out a kayak or stand up paddle board at low tide. Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear lagoon or even wait for dusk as they fire up the beach bonfires! Feast on Fresh Seafood in Jimbaran with a beautiful sunset view to match. Fresh crabs, some fish and prawns straight out of the ocean, you can actually watch the fisherman bringing in your dinner while you relax with your feet in the sand. La Plancha, painted in a riot of bright colours, it's the go-to place for a toes-in-the-sand sundowner between Kuta and Canggu. Come late afternoon, the staff turn up the sound-system and set up rows of colourful beanbags on the sand. See the full list of 'must see' places for first timers here.    Seminyak restaurants Perhaps the most influential eating strip on the island, Seminyak offers a restaurant experience for every occasion. You’re unlikely to make any new discoveries, but this locale is home to the island’s most consistent performers. Merah Putih offers both traditional and modern Indonesian cuisine, surrounded by gorgeous architecture and beautifully crafted food. Try a coconut espresso martini, or a white-chocolate martini. You can thank us later. Mamasan will whisk you back to colonial Shanghai in the 1920s. Think marble mahjong tables, with oversized tan-leather Chesterfield chairs and reclaimed timber wine racks. The food draws inspiration from Southeast Asia. La Lucciola is perhaps the most established and well-respected restaurant in Seminyak. Lovingly referred to as “La Looch”, it offers classic Mediterranean fare, with complementary Asian flavours. Sardine is housed inside a striking bamboo structure, overlooking a field of rice paddies, and is a tranquil setting for afternoon drinks or an evening meal.  Check out the pond, home to a school of rare white Koi Carp which the chef insists are only for ambience. Bikini is a new restaurant in Seminyak, and quickly become one of our favourites! A collision of technique and flavour, eating at Bikini is a re-discovery of shared plate dining. Inspired by the seasonal produce of the island, their inventive dishes are an expression of contrast, texture and after-five attitude. Sangsaka Restaurant is a new addition to the Bali dining scene from the team behind Merah Putih. It offers dishes that use traditional flavours to gain a broader experience of Indonesian cuisine. See our recommendations for Bali's BEST Restaurants here.   Five-star restaurants Bali has some of the most trend-setting restaurants anywhere in the world. It's hip hotels, cool cafes, slick bars and boutique shopping experiences make it a paradise for luxury lovers. Locavore is a beautiful restaurant in Ubud offering artistically prepared contemporary European cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients. Don’t miss their five or seven-course degustation, with matching wines. CasCades at the Viceroy boasts breathtaking views over Ubud and the luscious Valley of the Kings. It’s a fine-dining restaurant with European and Asian influences, perfect for a romantic dinner. Metis Lounge overlooks verdant rice fields and offers a masterful combination of French and Mediterranean cuisine. See our favourite 5-star dining experiences here.   Unique dining experiences For those looking for something a little more extravagant, these Bali dining experiences leave an impression. Cave Dining at Samabe is set amid white sandy beaches and naturally formed caves. It offers an exotic experience, with a picturesque beach set amid white sandy beaches and naturally formed caves. It offers an exotic experience, with a delicious beach barbeque. Bird Nest Dining at Kupu Kupu Barong Villas could be one of the most romantic places in Bali. Be seated against a natural backdrop of timeless woodland greenery, whilst listening to the sounds of the enchanting Ayung River Valley flow below you. This private seated niche will be enveloped by the beautiful hums of nature while you dine under a canopy of stars. Pesta Lobster offers private dining on a wooden jetty stretching 30m out to sea. The highlight is a beautifully presented four-course dinner (including three delectable lobster dishes). View all of the unique dining experiences in Bali.   Stunning sunset venues Bali is famous for its kaleidoscopic sunsets, which arrive on cue at around 6pm daily. With hundreds of beach front locations, we've shared some of our favourite, and iconic sundowner spots! The Lawn in Batu Bolong is an ideal place to chill with the kids as you kick back and view the sunset on beanbags and hammocks.  Delpi Rock Lounge, Suluban beach is a relaxed cafe-bar sitting on a cliff with stunning views of the Ocean. Ku De Ta is Bali’s original beach club, a highly acclaimed beachfront destination that has opened its doors to sun-seeking travelers from around the globe for more than a decade. Surrounded by the fragrance of fresh ocean water, ku de ta's recently renovated spaces (and the inclusion of a private pool) seamlessly transition into a lively backdrop for music, dancing, lounging and dining as the sun sets into the evening. Rock Bar @ AYANA Resort exploits the natural formation and character of the rock on which the bar sits, 14 meters above the ocean at the base of AYANA's towering cliffs. With a 360-degree vantage point, it offers nothing between you and the horizon except shimmering ocean waves (and the odd traditional fishing boat, adding another touch of magic to postcard-worthy photos). El Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club is perched 50 meters above sea level on the cliffs of Uluwatu. Offering some of the most secluded sunsets on the Island you will experience a truly Spanish atmosphere and a breathtaking 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean. 707 Beachberm is better known by the local expats and rolls with laid-back tunes and a collection of beanbags. See the full of Bali's BEST Sunset locations here.   Party-starting venues There’s a host of stylish cafes and bars in Seminyak, many with twinkling candles and tropical house beats to stir your inner party animal. La Laguna, a bar located along a quiet stretch of sand between Seminyak and Canggu, is an Instagrammer’s dream. Beach Bar at the Alila Seminyak is a breezy spot for unwinding as sun gives way to moon. Sink into the comfort of a daybed with an aperitif or an Alila signature cocktail, served with locally inspired snacks. Old Man's is a funky, family-friendly beachfront beer garden, a popular spot for surfers to refuel, and a great location to watch the waves. The Lawn Canggu is a cool little spot where you can hang and sun tan on the lawn from 11am onwards, while you watch the surfers slide along the Canggu waves directly out front of the premises. What was lacking in Canggu before, is lacking no more. Sunday Sundowns have been taken to a whole new level, where casual meets classy and the ocean meets The Lawn. Motel Mexicola is nestled in the coco palms and glassy swells of Seminyak. Its hosts are known for kicking every party off with a complimentary shot of tequila. See the full list of 'party starting' venues here.   Cool bars There’s no shortage of memorable dining and drinking establishments in Bali, places where you can order creative cocktails, fine glasses of wine, and local and imported icy-cold beers. La Favela boasts a beautiful timber bar that rests in quirky garden setting and there is something new to discover at every turn. Arrive early, so you can explore the venue over a few cocktails. Single Fin is a triple-level bar perched on the cliffs of Uluwatu overlooking a line-up of Bali’s most famous surf breaks. It’s known for its Sunday sessions, with live music and DJs. Sea Vu Play is a hot new tropical and nautical destination for dinner, drinks and parties. A casual set up you can enjoy in your flip flops for a bite or dress up to dance the night away. Sling Bar could be the setting for a Great Gatsby film. Grab a martini, or select from an array of fine scotches. This prohibition-era-style bar overlooks the hotel’s jaw-droppingly glamorous Plantation Grill restaurant. Mirror is an escape into a gothic cathedral. Spend the evening admiring its ultra-high ceilings and breathtaking architecture. See the full list of the Best Bars & Clubs in Bali!   Magnificent locations on the Bukit The west coast of the Bukit Peninsula in south Bali is dotted with plumes of white sand that rise out of the sapphire sea. Take your pick from Balangan Beach, Bingin Beach and Padang Padang Beach. Families run funky surfer bars built on bamboo stilts over the tide and the breaks are just metres away. Looking for somewhere more secluded? Head on down to Padang Padang beach, accessible down a few flights of steps and through a limestone crevice beside a bridge. Among the island's most favourite bigger surf breaks, Padang Padang's white sandy beach offers a great view, and a small sandy area for sunbathing and relaxing. Local seafood warungs serve grilled fresh catches-of-the-day and is a fantastic day trip, or stopover if you heading to the nearby Uluwatu Temple. Looking for somewhere unique? Check out Delpi Rock Lounge at Suluban Beach - a relaxed cafe-bar sitting on a cliff, it boasts some of the most stunning views. Pandawa Beach is one of of favourite beaches on the Bukit. Named after the five knights of ancient Hindu legends, Pandawa Beach is one of the beaches that you should visit! Sunday’s Beach Club is the perfect backdrop for a holiday photograph, or an afternoon of activities. Peer over the Uluwatu cliff edge and stare in amazement at the turquoise Indian Ocean below. See the full list of magnificent locations on the Bukit here.   For coffee lovers Good coffee was once a luxury on the Island of the Gods, but today, there are plenty of amazing cafes providing delicious coffee that will impress even the fussiest coffee snob. Revolver Coffee is the holy grail when it comes to coffee in Bali. Sourcing some of the best beans from farmers around the world, the team roasts and blends its own. Grain is all about the beans. They celebrate the ritual of coffee drinking with a unique Indonesian single-origin coffee. Sisterfields brings the iconic cafe culture of Australia to Bali. A favourite catch up spot for the islands in-crowds and travelling foodies, Sisterfields serves an all-day breakfast, brunch and lunch menu alongside a wide range of coffees, cakes and pastries.  Watercress ticks the boxes for great coffee, good food and service with a smile. See all of our favourite coffee spots here.   Hottest new venues for those going to Bali in 2017! With so much development happening in Bali, new venues are popping up every week. The relocated Finns Beach Club boasts absolute beachfront in front of Berawa surf break, only 10 minutes from Seminyak. Laze away the day in the sun from the comfort of single and double day beds on a white sand beach or swim in a stunning 30 metre infinity edge pool with swim up pool bar (and underwater speakers). All who visit this piece of paradise are in awe of its beauty, they leave relaxed, sun kissed and dreaming of when they will return. Mrs Sippy Pool Club opens just behind the famed Potato Head Beach club in mid-late August and promises to be something special. With success from their Double Bay’s success behind them, we’re excited to see this beach club Azul Beach Club is the ultimate getaway for social elites. It boasts another spectacular beachfront location and its three levels combine a unique approach to dining, cocktail culture and beach-club atmosphere. Swim in the Jungle! Welcome to Ubud's 'no beach' beach club! Jungle Fish is a must do in Ubud, where you can experience swimming amidst the lush jungle, in the beautiful landscape of the Ubud area. Open-air split-level restaurant and pool bar perched on the side of a ridge overlooking the Osh River Valley, Jungle Fish is located just 10 minutes drive north of Ubud. Movida Bali opened late last year and is a unique collaboration combining Melbourne institution MoVida's Spanish cuisine, with Potato Head’s design and architectural expression. Think creative cocktails, an extensive selection of wines, charcuterie carved to order, and tapas. After raising the bar in the Spa and Beauty scene with their flagship venues in Seminyak and Petitinget, one of Bali’s hottest and most popular Spa’s - Spring Spa is putting the finishing touches on its newest venue – Spring Spa Canggu! Mad Ronin Bali is a hot new restaurant offering Ramen bowls & craft beers... unpretentious, straight up and delicious! One of our favourites has recently changed hands and names to KILN @ Petitenget! Opening in May, we're super excited to what is to come to this famous and iconic spot in Petitenget! Berawa Kitchen is a hot new spot that boasts an outdoor tropical food hall located in the cool hipster neighborhood of Canggu. With great food, great tunes and a variety of stalls open for you to experience, its a hot new favourite of ours! Da Maria Bali a modern Italian restaurant in the Osteria style, is the brainchild of Australian Restaurateur, Maurice Terzini. Da Maria highlights the diversity of Italian food, wine, music, fashion, art and friends, with more than a little Capri, right in the heart of Seminyak. See a full list of all the hot new places here.   The Bali Bible has compiled the very best of Bali food and drink, nightlife, getaways, and adventures since 2010 building an audience of more than 1.5 million followers on social media. If you’re looking to explore the rich culture, food, and nature on Bali, check out the new Bali Bible platform. A place to browse thousands of venues that have been curated by people in the know. View the lists at The Bali Bible - The Ultimate Guide to Bali.™

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